Latham Thomas is a pregnant woman’s fairy godmother. She’s a NYC maternal lifestyle expert, author of the bestselling book “Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to a Fabulous and Abundant Pregnancy” and a wellness and birth coach… not to mention a doula to the stars (Alicia Keyes, Doutzen Kroes, Rebecca Minkoff, etc.).

A graduate of Columbia University and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition she brings her experience and expertise to women everywhere through her website Mama Glow. Her modern holistic lifestyle has captured the attention of not just women going through pregnancy but women in general who want to lead healthier lifestyles. A talented public speaker, she has spoken on Arianna Huffington’s panel at the Thrive Conference and has made television appearances on Dr. Oz, Good Day NY, and Inside Edition.

We caught up with the busy Latham to ask her to share the seven things she is most interested in at the moment, and lucky for us, she gave us eight! Here they are:

1 | Turmeric Leaf Tea– I get Tumeric at the farmer’s market. Many of us are already familiar with the beautiful orange root and its power packed anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric leaves are large with long stalks like palms, and when cut smell like turmeric root. They make a great tea and are a wonderful fragrant and nutrient dense herb to include when seasoning rice or quinoa (when it comes to a boil, add fresh turmeric leaves along with seaweed to mineralize it). It’s a great tea to drink with no sweetener, and also tastes great paired with almond or coconut milk.

2 | Sound Bath Meditation– Sound is a portal for healing. I have always been intrigued by sound and music. My son is a DJ so I am constantly surrounded by music. In the past year or so I have been pulled into the sound bath experience and have been doing private sessions with Sarah Auster at MNDFL. It can be a powerful experience alone or coupled with someone you love. I even hosted a private sound bath meditation for a small group of friends the morning of my engagement party. I emerged feeling energized and clear.

3 | Anita’s Coconut Creamline Yogurt– I’m vegan, a foodie and a nutrition nerd. I live for Anita’s Yogurt! It’s a vegan coconut yogurt that is creamy and just as thick– if not thicker– than Greek yogurt. I use it in smoothies, make mango lassies with it, and pair it with muddled berries and stewed stone fruit as a dessert. It’s versatile and tastes amazing. Loading up with the medium chain fatty acids in coconut fat gives my body the healthy fat it needs to thrive. It’s worth the price tag and a little bit goes a long way.

4 | Solange: A Seat at the Table– One word, two syllables: SO-LANGE! I have been blessed. I’ve been soaking in the words, feelings and melodies of Solange ever since “A Seat at The Table” dropped. It’s meditation on healing and a complete emotional experience. I play it as the soundtrack to my day and never grow tired of it. I’m so thankful to Solange for this masterful work she channeled. It came just at the right time. Let it wash over you.

5 | Mama Glow Bath Soak Now that the nights are cooler all I want to do is take hot baths when I get home from a long day. I relish in my bath time, glow time, and my self-care practice. I turn off all devices, light candles and soak it all out. My bath is coconut milk based with chaparral and rose and smells heavenly. It’s available in time for the holiday season and is really just for women who want to love themselves and swaddle up with elegant herbal self care products.

6 | La Vie Boheme Yoga Travel Mat With all I’ve had going on these past few months maintaining a movement routine can get challenging, but it’s a commitment I’ve made. Whether or not I bring my favorite yoga pants I always have my travel mat on hand. I can roll it up or fold it and toss it into my suitcase. The first thing I do when I get settled is stretch it out! I can work out in my hotel room, outside or in the gym.

7 | Uplift Meditation Spray + White Sage Smudge Spray I love to burn Sage and Palo Santo in my grounding rituals but it’s not always possible. For instance when I am in the hospital with a mom for delivery, we can’t light candles or incense so diffusers and sprays are the best! I carry this spray by Species by the Thousands in my bag everywhere I go. It’s like pixie dust! If I encounter someone along my path who needs a little grounding or a reboot, I breathe with them and spray them. Just spending a minute can get someone back to a place of calm. You never know when you may need to energetically clear the space or create a moment of respite for yourself.

And one to grow on…

8 | Passion Malas by Modern OMI am a huge advocate of prayer and meditation, and really love mala beads. I always have them on hand on my wrist or neck. When I travel, before takeoff, I sit with my mala and recite mantra and say a little prayer. I live for my Nala Malas which are delicate and made with mother of pearl and rose quartz. I wear them for special occasions and use them in my self reflective practice at home. My daily malas are by Modern Om. The price point is affordable and they have a mala designed with an intention and color based on the seven different chakras. I’m always rolling with the Passion Mala. It makes a great gift as well!

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