Jessie May has always had a passion for understanding the way we connect and how we can live life in its fullest way. We are in love with this outlook, and find so much inspiration listening and talking with this lovely entrepreneur.

She has found her wisdom through living and traveling all over the world, building multiple businesses from the start up, and with it, a very fulfilling life for herself. As a Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Meditation Guide she has impacted thousands throughout the globe.

Now, based in Venice Beach, she has launched her latest movement, HeartRise, which she discusses in this emotional video. Jessie aims to reveal the truth of our collective hearts. She talks about the importance of plugging into its electricity so that we may truly calibrate and communicate with our energies. By living from our hearts, she says, our wisdom awakens.

Take a moment today to explore the connection we have with one another and get in touch with a heart on fire. Just see who it can touch!

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