Drea Sobieski lives a dream life and has been around the block and back again. She’s the Founder and Creative Director of The Cult Collective, as well as the brains behind the new publication Elsewhere which celebrates experience and inspires travel. If she’s not traveling the world experiencing the most exotic of locales, she’s writing about them.

The Fullest caught up with her for a quick moment to ask what the seven things are that she’s most interested in at the moment. This is what she shared:

1 | Song Saa Resort I just came back from a magical trip here and have been telling everyone about it. The island in the Koh Rong archipelago was once buried in the trash that washed ashore from nearby villages. Thanks to the work of Song Saa’s foundation, the island is now spotless, and the resort revenue helps fund ecological conservation research. It’s an absolutely breathtaking resort with an altruistic ethos. The price for paradise never looked so good!

2 | The Palomar Restaurant My friend Farris introduced me to this modern Israeli restaurant in London. We spent five hours there chatting over tapas and I still have dreams about their Burnt Courgette Tzatziki and Shakshukit. My only regret is not buying their cookbook. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to go back!

3 | The Art of Travel by Alain De Botton– Alain de Botton’s writing is truly poetic. He’s changed the way I perceive travel and hopefully, how I write about it. In this book, he discusses the idea of travel as more of an emotional journey than a physical one. I recommend it to all modern travelers in hopes it will make that long haul flight fly by!

4 | Purple Carrot The art of cooking can be so therapeutic– especially over a glass of red wine. Purple Carrot is a plant-based home meal delivery service that saves time with grocery shopping (and parking because let’s be real, this is Los Angeles). It allows me to try ingredients and meals that I would have never thought of or made myself! And it’s fun to do with friends, so make it into a social event!

5 | Cody App It can be so difficult to find time and places to workout when traveling. My friend @melisfit_ introduced me to this app and I love it! It helps squeeze in those quick hotel room workout sessions.

6 | Midsommar Swim If you’re a sunchaser like me, you can never have too many bikinis. I’m currently obsessed with Midsommar and all of their beautiful cut outs and colors– especially the off-the-shoulder tops!

7 | Traveling– I know it’s obvious but I am my happiest in places that are not “home.” I’ve met so many incredible people while traveling and have had some of the most memorable experiences. I hope to keep traveling until they have to carry me on and off the plane!

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