Danielle Beinstein: Connection from the Inside Out

01.03.2017 Arts & Culture
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We sat down with Spiritual Counselor Danielle Beinstein and asked about her experience with human nature and connection. We were left with the hopeful feeling that, at our core, we are all the same and want the same things.

We, as humans, experience a spectrum of emotions– shadow, darkness, fear, joy and laughter. The more aware we are of our vast range of emotions, the less attached we become. Some of us may still need to work on taking responsibility for our feelings rather than offloading them onto others. While some of us may already have a deeper sense of ourselves and wish the same for our friends, loved ones and colleagues.

Danielle reminds us, however, that people only start to shift once they are either fed up with their own inner experience or they recognize a quality in someone else that they want to cultivate more of. Rather than yell at, or try to convince others of a different way, giving others the dignity of their own process is the greatest gift we can give them. In this interview with Danielle we are inspired to do just that. Keep the video in your bookmarks and reference throughout the week. Enjoy!

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