Travis Majick and Roxy Ghoraishy came from the fast-paced and cutthroat world of real estate. Although both found themselves extremely successful, they felt there was something they were missing. The two would often find solace from their stressful work environments through meditation. After digging deeper into their individual practices they were inspired by the ancient wisdom and traditions of the art form and were pushed by “divine guidance” to create something that would make a difference. Together they sought to bring a sanctuary of healing to the western world… and more specifically, to Venice Beach.


They wanted to create a platform for people to come where they could commune together as a tribe along their path of self-discovery, growth and healing. They wanted it to be a community of togetherness, and they wanted it to be different. A space where it felt as though you were walking into a different country like a Japanese garden in Kyoto or an ashram in India.


Using their knowledge of real estate the two soulmates secured a prime location on Rose Avenue in Venice Beach. “We felt it was important to be in the middle of a consciously awake community,” explains Roxy. “We immediately knew it was the right place and the birthing of Ceremony Mediation.”

Just five months later their idea had materialized and Ceremony Mediation had officially opened its doors.


They wanted their venture into the wellness and service world to be done properly and pulled out all the stops. Travis studied sacred geometry and temple building practices and Roxy utilized her interior design talents. The space today boasts an outdoor Japanese Zen Crystal garden, a Gold Om wall, and a ten foot Buddha fountain in the back garden, complete with a turtle pond.


When searching for the right teachers for their classes they sought not only those who shared their vision, but those who were open to being creative and sharing their unique gifts. Classes of all levels are taught at Ceremony and clients are made to feel supported and safe while they navigate through their various practices, whether those be sound baths, detox balancing, reiki healing or any one of the many different methods offered. “We try to stay diversified to cover all areas of the spectrum from ancient wisdom, astrology, various modalities of meditation, healing and self empowerment,” says Roxy.


Now, just a few months in, Travis and Roxy feel a sense of purpose having had a part in creating this little tribe of their own in Venice. Their goal as business owners is to lead by example by hosting a space of love, community and service. They are confident that their venture into an ulterior career path was a beneficial one. Roxy optimistically states, “Everyone has the gift to create the life they desire themselves. It’s a matter of attuning yourself to the energies that lie within and unlocking them.”

And Ceremony Meditation is just the place to start unlocking!


Lindsay DeLong is the Managing Editor of The Fullest. If she’s not at Ceremony Meditation working on those inner energies, find her at or on social media via @lindizzaster.

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