We live in a society that thrives on immediacy. Without it, we’d crumble… or at least be living in a constant state of impatience. At the push of a button food, services and clothes get wrapped up and delivered to our doorstep.

While this may seem like a smarter, faster society, it’s actually creating a whole slew of by-products. Most of these by-products slip right past our noses. When my sushi arrives after a long day at work, the last thing I’m thinking of is the wrapping, plastic utensils, bag, and the gas that was used to drive it to me.

In reality, it’s the trash and waste that we don’t see, don’t experience, and don’t take responsibility for that poses the biggest threat to Earth.


Online shopping was once a luxury, but now I can have anything delivered in 24 hours– even my laundry. As society moves in a direction of ease and accessibility, it’s easier to distance ourselves from the repercussions of our actions. The environment suffers most because of that diffused responsibility. Everyone assumes– myself included– that the big guns will tackle climate change.

How could little ol’ me make any kind of real difference? It isn’t about boycotting online shopping, because let’s face it, having your groceries delivered is really nice sometimes. It’s about remembering accountability as our culture shifts the other way. Go against the grain by being aware. We all know resources are a gift, but we don’t always think about the resources that go into things– especially when we consume them second hand.

As immediacy becomes the norm, think about everything that goes on behind the scenes. It’s amazing what you’ll see and learn when you change your perspective.

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