Making maple cream is not exactly hard, but it takes time and consists of just ONE ingredient. Pretty cool, right? It’s a simple idea– basically cooking the maple at a high temp and then cooking it back down. The tedious part is the labor. You have to whip the mixture anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes before it actually becomes maple cream… but at the end of all that whipping you get an amazing whipped concoction that is homemade and completely artificial-free! How many recipes can you say that about?


Medium-Sized Pot

Candy Thermometer or Cooking Thermometer

As much Maple Syrup as you’d like!

Large Bowl of Ice



1 | Create an ice bath by filling your large bowl with ice. You will use this once the maple syrup has reached its desired temp.

2 | Pour your desired amount of maple syrup into your pot on medium heat. Slowly let it reach 235 degrees F. Make sure you watch the pot being careful to not let it burn.   

3 | Once you’ve reached the desired temperature, remove from heat and place syrup in the ice bath, mixing until the temperature drops to 100 degrees F. Once it is reached, remove the syrup from the ice bath and continue mixing in a pot on a non-heated surface. Mix for about 15 minutes or until it starts to lighten and looks like peanut butter. Once this is accomplished transfer to a container and enjoy!

This recipe is all about control and having a goal in mind, executing and of course, celebrating it.  It’s not always easy to set a goal and complete it, and it’s not always easy to stay motivated when performing a task. Sometimes though, we need to start off with the small victories to motivate us. And that is totally okay! Those small victories are reminders of who is in charge. You!

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