Kelsey Patel is a world renowned health guru, spiritual empowerment coach and healer. As a public speaker she shares her story and guides others along on their journeys to connect at a deeper level with themselves. She believes in the power of intention and notices miracles in everyday life, whether it’s something as simple as tying a honeycomb coincidence and a bee buzzing peacefully outside of her car to her grandmothers recent passing. She treats each day as a miracle and wakes up with gratitude at being gifted with breath.

Here Kelsey shares with us her tips on staying sane during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. How making time for yourself keeps you centered and how keeping up a regular self-care practice nourishes the body and spirit. She enjoys daily bonding with nature and meditation and sets her intentions as the day starts.

She shares that we must have compassion for the emotions that we feel. We have permission to feel rage, anger and disappointment, just as we have permission to enjoy joy, love and compassion. We must feel, connect and be aware… and Kelsey is here like our own personal chaperone, eager to guide us along the right path.

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