Biohacking. In my line of work it’s a hot topic, but my way to biohacking is a lot less technological than you might think and far more meditative. You can intuit your wellness control dial rather than be mentally transfixed on it. I like to refer to this journey as Harnessing the Epigenetic Landscape.

As we head into the new year, it’ll be the usual bells and whistles that inundate us with the need to control reform and resolution. This year though, I think people are ready to tune out the usual Pavlovian responses and find solace in their more innate, intuitive frequencies. Less notifications. Less dings. Less Fitbit wearing. Less losing ourselves to technology…

If the self-care trend taught us anything this year, it was the need to unplug, unwind, and connect to ourselves and our loved ones through Mother Nature– through living foods and conscious communication. We have consumed so much wisdom this year and now it’s time to put that into motion.

Biohacking to Harness the Epigenetic Landscape

Biohacking is not all that complicated– in fact, it’s really about living simply, proper nourishment, and revitalizing our life force. With a little targeted investigation coupled with introspection, we’re well on our way.

But what is the equation to optimizing wellness? It’s easy! Vital food therapy and targeted nutraceuticals + meditation and mindfulness + modalities to encourage cellular movement = balanced personal wellness. Straightforward ingredients for creating zen in the year ahead!

December will be a busy month. Some of it will be spent creating memories with family and friends while some of it will be stressful as we hustle to complete end of the year deadlines. December is often a time of bustling around on autopilot to shop, getting ready for visitors, and/or heading off to travel. But it is also the perfect time to build upon yourself and to reflect on the passing year. It’s a time to align with the pace you’d like to head into the new year with.

As we take inventory about having met our goals in 2016 we naturally ask ourselves important questions. Did I mend my relationship issues? Did I land that new job? Did I meet my goals for weight management? Did I transform those fears? Did I heal spiritually? Am I making the right decisions for my self-care routines?

To harness wellness at this most personalized level means decoding at the emotional level and checking in where our personal beacons– intuition and beliefs– intersect. From this vantage point we understand deeply what it is we need let go of, to flow into, and to harness, yet with a freer sense, and one less ruled by a need for control.

Thoughts to Help You Get Started “Contouring” Your Epigenetic Landscape

1 | Accept that you can influence wellness 100 percent, while also realizing you cannot maintain full control. For some of us this is easy, while for others, not so much. By coming to terms with this the relief will often set in even before stepping into the new year.

2 | If you’re already in tune with preventive wellness, get genetic testing. Now you can take an in-depth look at your genetic background to personalize your preventive plan. In an earlier discussion, we asked, Could Your DNA be as Important as Your Trust Fund? and, of course I said, yes! Sure, certain variables exist that we may not be able to change, but many variables are not only easy to change, but through changing them we optimize our wellness. From an epigenetic approach we optimize methylation and genetic variations to achieve this, which is very doable when we remain open and flexible. What’s more is you can save thousands of dollars in co-pays for issues you may be able to prevent once you access this level of information. Additionally, all of those nutraceuticals, cleanses and foods you’re putting money into can be aligned specifically to your genetic variations! It takes the guess work out of the process, helping us to stay ahead of the trends (or away from them in some cases)– biohacking at its best.

3 | Want to hack down to the core? Ground yourself. Then head to bed early and rise and shine just as early. Your body experiences fluctuations in cortisol in a diurnal pattern, and, as a result, energy, sex drive and hormones fluctuate. By aligning our biological rhythms, along with targeted nutraceuticals and food therapies, meditative activities such as acupuncture, sound bathing, grounding, emotional freedom technique, tapping, reiki, electromagnetic therapies and sitting quietly all greatly enhance cortisol homeostasis.

Are you already living a life of personalized preventive wellness the biohacking way? Tell us how ultra-living is treating you!

Christine has dedicated her career to helping others understand the science of happiness and its powerful effects on everyday human health by harnessing the power of the epigenetic landscape. She is available for both private and professional consultations. Please contact her here.  

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