Josh Rosebrook didn’t originally set out to make a skin and hair care line that we’re all fawning after. He made his natural products simply for his own personal use. He was always interested in the ingredients of the products he was putting on his skin, but in his 20’s started paying more attention to the effects they were making. He was fascinated with natural ingredients, and even after moving to LA for a career in hair at high end salons, was not satisfied with the products on the market.

He was driven by his passion to educate people and the desire to help by making them feel more confident. He was inspired by the power of small changes and began making skin care treatments in his own kitchen.

Josh soon realized that creating natural products for skin and hair was his calling. However, it wasn’t until he learned to work through his fears of failure that he truly felt that success. In this video with P+S he describes how peeling back the layers and really listening to yourself can help in not just a career, but your life’s journey as well. When we expand our awareness and face those doubts, that’s when we can truly move forward because that’s when there’s nothing left to stop us.

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