April Gargiulo is the woman behind Vintner’s Daughter, a botanical face serum comprised of the world’s most powerful botanicals and essential oils. Coveted by just about everyone, it seems this serum is a surefire way to love your skin again.  

The name “Vintner’s Daughter” was inspired by her firstborn. April was tending to family vineyards and maintaining an intense travel schedule when she became pregnant with her daughter and realized she needed to step back a bit. While she was conscious about what food she was eating and what she was cleaning the house with, she hadn’t considered what she was putting on her skin. With her child’s health in mind, she dove into her skincare labels dismayed to find that they were mostly made up of non-active, synthetic fillers.  

Unable to find a clean skincare regime that wouldn’t compromise on results, she began formulating her own product that worked with her skin challenges. With her background in fine-wine, she sought after the finest ingredients from farmers across the globe. After two years of development, Active Botanical Serum (or what she refers to as her “desert island product”) was ready. Around the world people rejoiced in this multi-correctional powerhouse, ditching their entire medicine cabinet and replacing it with this one product… and the praise hasn’t slowed down since it’s release.

Dive into the seven things that have been inspiring this slow-beauty goddess:

1 | MacaSuper, super food.

2 | 22 Karat Climax Cup These Romy Northover cups elevate a simple tea or espresso.

3 | Pilates Pro WorkThis is my favorite workout ever. A total game changer.

4 | Tracey Emin Love Ring I love this artist and sweet ring.

5 | Presidio National Park and the For Site Foundation It’s hands down one of my favorite places to escape to. 

6 | Facelift Massage Therapy by Julie Lynge I call her the face whisperer because I walk out looking like I had a facelift. And my TMJ disappears!

7 | Homemade Preserves/Jam– I can never get enough!

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