We sat down with Radha Agrawal to chat politics and find out why she’s voting for Hillary.

Not only did we learn so much, we were left feeling more inspired than ever to take on social challenges and help change the world (cause together we’re stronger, right?). Radha is the co-founder of Daybreaker, a morning dance party that has us busting our best early-morning dance moves whilst drinking almond milk matcha, all before the workday has even begun.

Radha’s entrepreneurial story goes back to her partnering in the NYC pizza restaurant, WILD. She and her twin sister, Miki Agrawal, were one of the first to evolve the pizza-eating experience by sourcing local farm-to-table ingredients while offering vegans and celiacs an alternative to the standard slice you would find elsewhere in NYC.

While at WILD, she was inspired to find a way to help children enjoy eating their daily veggies so she founded the organization, Super Sprowtz. Super Sprowtz is a children’s nutrition education program that has since teamed up with Cornell University’s Food & Brand Lab to conduct a double-blind study to see how an engaging, colorful, interactive and visually appealing salad bar would affect the decision making processes for children when choosing their school lunches.

Radha is also the co-founder of another one of our favorite brands, THINX, which makes period underwear for women. The proceeds and partnerships the company has secured go straight to solving the period problem girls experience in Africa by supplying them with the feminine products they need to keep them clean, educated and in school.

This superwoman’s resume doesn’t stop there. Right now she is working on a book titled “Belong– How to Make Friends, Build Community and Change the World.” She is on a mission to help Americans strengthen their social ties and find a sense of belonging.

We are so on board with everything Radha, so when she says she is voting for Hillary because she’s interested in having a president who is passionate about the environment, clean energy, social enterprise, feminism and belonging, we’re all ears. Or should we say, “We’re With Her!”

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