Miki Agrawal is so many things. She’s a twin, a professional sports star, a best selling author, a feminist, an entrepreneur, a survivor, and the epitome of a #girlboss (or She-EO). The multiple companies that she has created are not only fun and often-times edgy, but they, most importantly, are companies that help people. They solve problems that people don’t usually talk about and they create conversations about topics people are often too embarrassed to discuss.

Growing up in Montreal Canada to immigrant parents of Indian and Japanese descent, her and her sister, Radha (also an accomplished entrepreneur–oh hay, Daybreaker!) realized from a young age how lucky they were to be born with the amenities they were given. Together they adopted strong work ethics, along with a great passion to change the world.

After graduating from Cornell University, Miki took a job as an investment banker on Wall Street. Having a near-miss with the events of 9/11 (every day she would have morning tea with a friend on the 100th floor; that particular day she slept through her alarm clock) she realized life was too short to not be doing what she truly wanted.

She left the corporate world and tried out and made the professional female soccer team, the New York Magic, but was injured in her first professional game. Not letting that stop her, she opened an organic farm-to-table pizza restaurant called WILD which now has three locations throughout New York.

Since, she has concentrated on creating the brands THINX and Icon which are collectively taking the underwear market by storm. They have specially advanced technology that can hold up to two tampons worth of blood (THINX) or leakage (Icon). Their edgy campaign slogans have caused quite the uproar in subways throughout New York. Tushy is tackling toilet paper–or the lack thereof–introducing bidets to a whole new generation.

Miki’s personal touch and style make her brand’s cool and hip so we knew we could benefit by asking her to give us a few tips of the trade. We asked her to share the seven things making her life better right now, and here is what she said:

1 | Babymaking with my man Andrew– We also just got engaged! Our engagement video was Facebook Live-Streamed. Watch it here!

2 | THINX Specifically interested in eliminating shame from the period conversation globally.

3 | Icon Specifically interested in eliminating shame from weakening pelvic floors. It happens to one in three women!

4 | Tushy Specifically interested in figuring out how to change culture in a category that hasn’t changed in America since 1890. Something as simple as using water instead of paper to wipe!

5 | Doing Tributes for my friends– It’s really the most meaningful gift on earth!

6 | Getting back on my daily regimen– Morning meditation and japanese calisthenics.

7 | Marie Condo’s, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing“– Andrew and I just did it and our place feels totally different. It’s lighter, happier, and there’s more space to breathe.

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