We all know that pizza is one of the few reasons we persevere and stick around on the planet, but the pizza at Double Zero’s really makes you believe in heaven on Earth. Double Zero is Matthew Kenney’s upscale, plant-based pizzeria in New York City’s East Village, and trust me, it is everything. Although we stayed on the opposite side of town during the short time we were in NYC, we still managed to eat there like 900 times (#notsorry).  

This white pizza with summer corn, macadamia ricotta and maitake mushroom was the chosen one and we just couldn’t help ourselves from ordering it nearly every time we stopped by. If you aren’t in NYC, the good peeps at Double Zero are sharing with us the secret sauce to this pie. Which is basically the pizza equivalent to the Frank Ocean Apple Music exclusive drop. Just saying.  



*Recipe makes one single serving pie.

4 cobs of Fresh Corn

2 sprigs of Fresh Thyme

Olive Oil

Salt + Pepper

1 | Remove husk from corn, and shave the corn off the cob, placing in a mixing bowl. This should yield about a cups worth of corn.

2 | Toss corn in olive oil to coat with a teaspoon of salt.

3 | Lay corn on tray with parchment paper– add thyme evenly in various places atop the corn.

4 | Heat oven to 350F.

5 | Bake corn until it’s golden brown.

6 | When corn has cooled, remove thyme sprigs and place into blender.

7 | Blend with equal parts water and olive oil until smooth– this is your puree.

8 | Add salt + pepper to taste.



*Recipe makes about 1 cup of ricotta.

1 cup Macadamia Nuts

1 Lemon

Salt + Pepper

Nutritional Yeast

1 | Soak 1 cup of macadamia nuts overnight (or for four hours if in a pinch).

2 | After soaking, drain water and place in blender.

3 | Blend nuts while slowly introducing water until a ricotta-like consistency is achieved.

4 | Add a teaspoon of lemon zest, and half a lemon’s worth of juice.

5 | Add a tablespoon of nutritional yeast.

6 | Add salt + pepper to taste.

7 | Add more lemon juice and nooch if preferred!


Toss in olive oil and salt, then roast in the oven at 350F until slightly crispy.


Toss in olive oil and salt. (This is the last thing to go onto the pie before it hits the oven.)

Finish the pizza after it’s out of the oven with some fresh lemon juice! Then thank the Pizza Gods and enjoy!

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