Business and Friendship With Sky Ting Yoga

11.08.2016 Arts & Culture
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Chloe Kernaghan and Krissy Jones are the founders of NYC’s hippest yoga studio, Sky Ting Yoga. Sky Ting is much more than just a yoga studio; it’s a community, a hub and a hangout for people to connect before, during, and after class.

P+S caught up with the girls while in NY, and they shared some of their literal and metaphorical wisdom for taking emotions out of our expectations.

The basic and most straightforward of this insight is to be “transparent and direct” in the most honest fashion. It is not about being cold or cruel, but about limiting the personal feelings that often creep their way into situations. What it ultimately comes down to for the the two friends is the hope to progress as humans on this earth.

For them, life should be about continually working towards being the best version of oneself. Chloe said it best when she stated: “Have the tools to clean yourself up at any given moment and to be aware of when you’re letting dust settle in certain parts of you. Your body is your house, so clean up, get to know and understand how the house flows, where you’re going, how to get there, what rooms you go to all the time, and what rooms you never visit.”

It’s enough to make us want to clean house that’s for sure!

See for yourself and stop by Sky Ting next time you’re in NY. And don’t forget to peek at some of the products they’ve curated to up your self-care game. It’s time to clean up Sky Ting style!

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