“This is why alchemy exists,” the boy said. “So that everyone will search for his treasure, find it, and then want to be better than he was in his former life. Lead will play its role until the world has no further need for lead; and then lead will have to turn itself into gold. That’s what alchemists do. They show that, when we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.” –Paula Coelho, The Alchemist

Just as alchemy is on the ultimate search for creating a universal truth, so is our intuition. I see intuition as one of our greatest treasures as humans. We can tune into our intuition to combine the energy within and around us to transform to our higher selves.

Successful business people, instead of deliberate analysis, use their intuition when making swift decisions. Race car drivers avoid multi-car accidents around hairpin turns by anticipating what’s coming at the next curve. Mothers can intuitively sense their children in need from miles away and will respond instantly without hesitation. Professor Gerard Hodgkinson of the Centre for Organisational Strategy, Learning and Change at Leeds University Business School says intuition is to thank for these situations that are often otherwise explained as fluke, phenomena, or hunch.

Each of us has an innate “knowing” or the ability to intuit, but how often do we trust it, lean into it, and allow it to direct our daily lives?

Intuition, a Result of Modern Alchemy

Sometimes we’re searching for the answers while doubting what our internal voice is trying to say to us. Yet it’s our inner voice that possesses the magic we use to spiritually and biologically create the reality we intend to manifest.

There’s more than a curious fascination with the idea of intuitive alchemy. There’s a constant buzz about it in the world of science, and personally, I’ve dedicated the defining features of my career to helping others understand how they can make the most of this science in their everyday lives.

The evolution of the neurobiology of gut feelings is flourishing. In an earlier piece I featured here at Poppy + Seed, we discussed research put forth by psychologist Gerd Gerzinger of the Max Planck Institute that highlighted how gut feelings are anchored both in the evolved brain and the environment. Knowing this helps validate our gut feelings– it assures us that they aren’t simply coming out of thin-air, but rather our intuition on some level is derived both biologically and as spiritual information.


Lean Into Your Intuition to Optimize Personal Goals

Feed your gut and your intuition may follow. Progressive brain studies show that intact, thriving gut ecology is related to brain chemistry. If it’s damaged or altered, our ability to follow our intuitive could be thrown off. Choosing high quality, multi-strain probiotics, along with a diet rich in fermented foods can help you achieve desirable gut ecology.

Heal that lack of self-trust and let the pieces come together. Author and relationship specialist, Margaret Paul, Ph.D asks, “How much do you trust what you know in the first two seconds?” If you’ve been taught to discount your intuition or were raised to refer to it as your imagination, start basic– do certain things always pop into your mind? Note these occurrences either mentally or by journaling your “potentially intuitive experiences”. Pay attention to your immediate feelings as you interact with people and changing environments. Paul suggests after doing this for some time, put your intuition to the test by speaking up about it and asking questions that relate to your “gut feelings”.

Give yourself permission to transform hunches into intuitive confidence. Let’s face it, we overthink things and doubt divides us. Ultimately most of us seek universal happiness, not division and isolation. Try “trusting your gut” more and see how your relationships with your family, your children, your neighbors, coworkers, and even strangers shifts. As a bonus you may notice fear being replaced with confidence or an improved sense of self-assurance and self-reliancy.

When we tune into our intuition, we understand that our needs and drives for universal happiness are often the same. Has your intuition kicked in just at the right time? Has cultivating it brought you closer to manifesting from your truth-center or higher self?

Christine has dedicated her career to helping others understand the science of happiness and its powerful effects on everyday human health by harnessing the power of the epigenetic landscape. She is available for both private and professional consultations. Please contact her here.

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