Finding Your Own Medicine with Deborah Hanekamp

10.25.2016 Arts & Culture
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From a young age, Deborah Hanekamp has been able to read auras. At 17, a string of tragedies caused an initiation for Deborah to begin to honor her attuned sensitivity. This lead her on a path to become a yogini and reiki master.    

In 2007, she opened her own healing center in Brooklyn and serendipitously met her teacher, an Amazonian Curandero (shaman). Their meeting sparked an apprenticeship that lasted eight years as Deborah studied in the Peruvian Amazon, assisting Ayahuasca ceremonies and studying other master healer plants.

One day after an Ayahuasca ceremony she was woken up with a channeled message: ”You are going to do something called medicine readings. Call it medicine readings because you are helping everyone to find their own medicine.” After several hours of channeling, she had the formula for her medicine readings: spiritual guidance, energy balancing, crystal and sound therapy, healing baths, intuitive readings, and spiritual homework.  

We met Deborah at Maha Rose in NYC to hear her insights on alchemy and transformation. She reminds us of the sovereign notion that we already are perfect. We don’t need to strive to transmute our darkness to light or wait until we are “perfect” beings, we just need to love ourselves as we are now… the messy and the beautiful.  

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