Even if you’re not one of her 389,000 followers on Instagram, chances are you’ve seen her before. Her beautiful yoga photos are plastered everywhere from different yoga apps to workout apparel brands to #wcw posts. She’s become the poster child for yoga in Southern California–blonde, at the beach, effortlessly doing gravity defying poses, her long limbs toned and tangled.

Currently living in Manhattan Beach, she grew up in Yucaipa, a small town at the base of the San Bernardino mountains. She didn’t take her first yoga class until she was 25 and immediately knew it was going to be much more than just a physical practice–but her new way of living.

She is now one of the most popular yoga instructors in the nation and is known throughout the world for her strength and flexibility. Regularly traveling to far off lands, (Bali is pretty much her second home), We caught up with her to ask what the seven things are that she just can’t live without. Here they are:

1 | My Canon DSLR– I love photography. It started out as a necessity for my work, photographing my yoga practice for Instagram, and has turned into a passion. It is my creative outlet.

2 | Liforme Yoga mat– Absolutely the only yoga mat I will use. Some of the reasons I love it are it’s environmentally friendly, non-slip (no matter how sweaty your practice gets), and it has alignment lines to help your pose.

3 | Alo Yoga leggings– My number one go-to is the Coast Legging. Alo is an eco-friendly company that pays equal attention to fashion and performance. Even when I’m not teaching yoga or practicing, you will see me running around in their leggings.

4 | Timeless’ 20% C +E Ferulic Acid SerumI use this morning and night after washing my face. It’s moisturizing enough as well as a strong anti-ager.

5 | Ole Henriksen’s Protect the Truth SPF 50 I have very sensitive skin and use this SPF daily. It never causes irritation and is lightweight while still giving a broad spectrum.

6 | My iPhone– There is very little separation from my work life and personal life. I am a yoga instructor and a business woman. My iPhone keeps me organized, whether that be planning yoga retreats and classes, making playlists on Spotify, promoting online classes and workout plans on Cody app, and staying up to date with my community and followers on Instagram.

7 | MAC Graphblack eyeliner– If I could only choose one cosmetic item before leaving the house, this would be it. It is a rare occasion that you’ll find me without black eyeliner on. I’m always wearing it when I’m teaching yoga, practicing yoga, traveling around the world, or just running errands in LA. From a smoky eye, cat eye, to a quick swipe, this helps me feel put-together in an otherwise busy life.

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