Jordan Bach is a popular life coach and blogger, often considered to be one of the most influential teachers on the modern spiritual scene. His down-to-earth inspirational messages reach a new generation of people searching for inner peace and personal power. The Advocate Magazine listed Jordan among the “40 Under 40 Most Accomplished Leaders” and called him “a gay architect of the next decade.” He appeared regularly as a life coach on Logo TV’s Secret Guide to Fabulous. In addition to his private life coaching practice, Jordan is a GLAAD Media Partner, and consults with major corporations on LGBT brand initiatives.

The Fullest recently caught up with Jordan to ask him the seven things that are making his life better right now. Here is what he had to say:

1 | Natural Calm Magnesium Powder I take a dose before bed to help relax my muscles and calm my nerves so I can sleep better.

2 | Rosehip Seed Oil My subscribers know I’m not just a spirit junkie, I’m also a beauty product junkie and I’ve just discovered a natural skincare miracle. Rosehip seed oil is full of fatty acids with a carrot-like color. I take a few drops and rub it onto my freshly cleansed face. It leaves my skin with an even-toned glow. You’ve got to get a super high-quality oil, not the diluted junk.

3 | Angel Prayers Oracle Cards Kyle Grey is this super rad dude with tattoos and a thick Scottish accent who talks to angels. At this point in my life, having had mystical experiences since I was a little boy, I believe wholeheartedly in angels and spirit guides. Kyle’s deck of oracle cards is always on-point. I will pull a card after a session with a private client and the card always summarizes exactly what we’ve just talked about.

4 | Amber Ibarreche’s Instagram Her little ditties on life, love, and human connection are so witty. I bought one of her hats that says, “Sage ya later hater” and people always ask where I got it.

5 | Bedtime Mantras Every single night for years I’ve been listening to Delta brainwave entrainment music to fall asleep and stay asleep. It works wonders. I’ll just play it on my iPhone or computer and it truly helps. Bedtime is such a powerful time to center and ground yourself. I combined Delta brainwave entrainment sounds with my own spoken prayers, so that other people can feel safe, guided, and loved as they drift off to sleep.

6 | Impactful Conversations– I just read a really smart book called “The Prosperous Coach” by two wildly successful life coaches. It talks about the power of setting the intention to have an “impactful conversation.” Now, whenever I’m talking to a client or filming something, my intention is simply to hold a conversation that the person won’t forget. When you do this, you don’t have to worry about what to say or do. The right words just come to you. That’s the beauty of wanting to be truly helpful instead of trying to get something: everything just comes to you.

7 | Women– Lately, I’ve found myself so full of gratitude for strong women who are making an impact in the world. Their strength, intuition, tenacity, grace, and power is an inspiration in a world dominated by men. I think we are returning to a global paradigm that is more feminine in nature, and the old patriarchy isn’t going to fall without a struggle, so big ups to the women who are part of this great transition.

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