Climate Change with Ryland Engelhart

09.13.2016 Arts & Culture
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Ryland Engelhart is not waiting around for climate change to take over; he’s doing something about it. As the co-owner and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) of Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre, as well as a co-founder of Kiss the Ground he is raising awareness about how poorly we as humans are treating the world and what exactly we can do to make it better. It may be blunt, but it has our attention.

A big advocate of the soil health movement, he leads workshops and gardening classes, also serving as an activist, inspirational speaker, and life coach. He recently sat down with P+S for a candid interview where he discusses how we can learn from our mistakes and failures and move forward– something that is imperative in order to salvage a future for the next generation. We’re all in a race towards extinction… so it’s about time we listen up!

Additional Footage Filmed at Mushaboom Farms.


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