Amanda Chantal Bacon is the sorceress behind the revolutionary juice bar, Moon Juice. Not only is she consistently sharing the most ground-breaking health tools and wellness weapons with the world, she is also a terrific human with a huge heart and someone I’m grateful to call a friend.  

In a world where people can barely find time to breathe, she is valiantly committed to her mission of educating the masses about sustainable wellness and providing holistic solutions. Since 2012, Amanda has been supplying cold pressed juice to Los Angeles locals, and has been slowly and consciously expanding the line of offerings to include tonic herb formulations, raw superfood-infused snacks, milks, and an array of next-level pantry items. Everything she does is with intention.

Ask her about a certain ingredient or what she uses in her stores, and she likely has the entire mythology of the food’s backstory ready to roll off her tongue. Simply put, she cares, and the people are feeling it.

She currently has stores in Silver Lake and Downtown LA, with more opening in Hollywood and New York. If you don’t live in any of these places, not to worry, Moon Juice will ship right to your door.    

I had the pleasure of catching up with Amanda amidst her busy schedule. Here are the top seven things she’s been vibing with lately:

1 | Wild and Foraged Pignon from New Mexico

2 | Ama Rose Oil

3 | Ramesh Menon’s Translation of The Mahabharata

4 | Living Libations’ Happy Gum Drops

5 | Pink Opals

6 | Brain Dust in my coffee

7 | Beeswax Candles

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