Dara Dubinet Talks Decluttering

Dara Dubinet is a raw food chef whose recipes and videos have made her a household name in the health and wellness world. She has spoken on everything from the reasons people sometimes gain weight on a raw food diet to the different ways to detoxify your body. Both smart and bubbly she has a degree from George Washington University and the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute.

Dara recently sat down with us to discuss Feng Shui, one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics. She gives us reasons why we should let things go and explains why throwing stuff away is an act of faith and will ultimately make room for new opportunities in your life.

Join her as she talks throwing things away, giving things away, and feeling inherently lighter in the process.

We’re ready to make more space for energy to flow… are you?



4 responses to Dara Dubinet Talks Decluttering

Such a beautiful Soul……Have so enjoyed watching Dara over the years blossom into this beautiful wise Spirit….I have learned much (: Lovely video !

Dara is a rare gem on u-tube. She brings so much class, love, gentleness and next level to raw food and vegan. However, she is so much more than that. Her insights on Feng Shui and decluttering, have and continues to, bring so much of a fresh breeze and movement in my life, in a way, I could never have thought possible. I had the opportunity to meet her in Paris, it was a 50th birthday gift to myself. I flew there especially to meet her, and, she is even more lovely in person and was so generous with her time. I have no book coming out, I have no television show, I am just a normal woman, yet, she made time for me. Her magical star dust clung to me long after we. parted on that late fall day in Paris.

I’ve watched and listened to Dara on her youtube channel talk about decluttering. I’ve read her postings on morewithdara about decluttering. This interview has touched me in a new way. Thank you P+S for interviewing Dara. And thank you Dara for your insight, love, and kindness. Always an inspiration.

what a lovely video. dara has so much to offer us. i have been following her for some time, originally learning about raw food preparations. then it evolved into other areas of life that she generously shares.

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