When something doesn’t feel right, we look to fix it right away with a spiritual tool. Sometimes we use our spiritual tools as a crutch to check out on life. However, we should note that the discomfort is there for a reason and instead of trying to rid of it, it can be beneficial to sit with it. Today I invite you to notice the feelings that come up for you in your practice– both in your body and your mind. Instead of trying to label the feelings as “right or wrong” or “good or bad” just notice and accept them.

Christine Dionese said in her ‘Is Your Zen Attitude Really A Cop Out?’ article for P+S that “No amount of breathwork or meditation can heal us alone. Growth is a multidimensional process.” There’s nothing wrong with spiritual bypassing– it’s a form of escapism, just like anything else– but what it does is avoid the inevitable. What we resist will persist.

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