The Chocolate Recipe that’s Worth its Weight in Monoatomic Gold

08.09.2016 GF
Dave Erickson
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This recipe is pretty much the eighth wonder of the world. On the surface, it’s a delicious, high-vibe chocolate bar stuntin’ some 24k gold, but let’s go into the rabbit hole a bit, shall we?

David Hudson, one of the preeminent researchers of monatomic elements, was a farmer based in Arizona in the 70’s when he discovered puzzling materials during a gold mining expedition on his land. He spent many years and millions of dollars to demystify these orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements.  

A study done by the Alphalearning Institute in 2002 reveals that every time monatomic gold comes into contact with saliva, the brain reacts within seconds to minutes. Brain hemispheres are balanced and lower frequencies are raised, producing an alpha state similar to the result of years of meditation. With these benefits, it’s almost shocking that monoatomic gold isn’t a household name, especially considering the current state of affairs on Planet Earth! However, in true hipster fashion, I’m secretly glad that this is still relatively unknown— there’s something a bit sacred about courting the obscure.  

In addition to the gold leaf we’ll be garnishing the bars with, we are adding this monoatomic gold within the chocolate. I use Etherium Gold which is sourced from an ancient seabed that was impacted by a meteorite over 11,000 years ago. Yep, that’s the stuff we’re putting in our chocolate. How glad are you that I’m making your life 10,000 times cooler… or shall I say galactically more rich?  

Eating these monoatomic elements is not a transcendental or psychedelic experience— you have to commit attention to notice the quiet effects. You’ll likely feel clearer, more focused, and capable. You may even notice slight physical sensations within the cranium. I’m not saying you have to book a ticket to Bhutan before you can enjoy this mood-boosting treat… but maybe take a couple conscious breaths while consuming and appreciate the expanded consciousness that will result in a deeper capacity to connect and understand.

24K Bars Gold


½ cup Cacao Butter, melted

½ cup Cacao Powder

2½ tablespoons Evaporated Cane Sugar

3 capsules Etherium Gold

⅛ teaspoon Vanilla Extract

24k Gold Flakes

Pinch of Salt

1 | Melt cacao butter in a double boiler or in the dehydrator. Be sure not to get any water within the container as water will cause the chocolate to seize (or in non-professional-chocolatier-terms: water will make it gross).  

2 | Remove the cacao butter from the heat once it is fully melted and add in cacao powder. Stir until combined.

3 | Add in the sugar, the Etherium Gold (empty the capsules into the mixture and discard of the capsule) and the salt. You can also add in a dash of vanilla extract/powder here if desired.

4 | Pour the chocolate into chocolate molds and set the molds on a sheet tray.

5 | Wrap the sheet tray with plastic wrap and put it in the freezer for half an hour. After that the chocolate will be firm and you can remove the bars from the mold and store them in a sealed container in the refrigerator.  

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