Beatrice Valenzuela

A woman of many talents, Beatrice Valenzuela is a clothing, shoe, jewelry, and bag designer. Inspired by Mexican and Mediterranean styles, she grew up living all over the world which she attributes to her eclectic style. She loves natural fibers, and fair and detailed craftsmanship is of the utmost importance to her. What motivates her is a desire to design things that will last and age beautifully.

Bringing her aesthetic to the housing market in 2015, her partner, Ramsey Conder and her created a small retreat that they use as a vacation rental by Elysian Park in Echo Park, with another rental in the works. Drawing beauty from the colorful and unique finds of the world her lines and living spaces are just that: vibrant, distinctive, and natural.

P+S recently caught up with Beatrice to ask her the top seven things that she’s loving about life right now. Here’s what she had to say:

1 | My clothing line, Beatrice Valenzuela It’s a small collection using Italian linen, silk, and gauze in beautiful colors like citrine, guava, turquoise, and lavender, as well as the basic black and white. It’s made up of a wrap dress with ruffles at every edge, a Mexican circle skirt with pockets, a button-down with tiny ruffles at the cuff and collar, and a cloth bikini.

2 | The Great Jane Retreat in Ojai– The Bash Please ladies, Paige and Kelly, have partnered up with a few other motivating gals and have started this retreat for mom’s that want to get inspired and recharged. It’s a series of workshops, delicious food, and exchanging ideas.

3 | Horseback riding at Griffith Park– My partner, Ramsey and I just went on a romantic sunset ride at Griffith Park Horse Rentals and followed up with Mezcal margaritas and Mexican dinner at El Condor in Silverlake. It was the best date ever!

4 | Pioneertown– We have a property there and a little 70’s trailer that we escape to all the time. It’s so peaceful but there’s a real magnetic energy that helps recharge me. The grounds are great for hikes, yoga, and climbing. We never miss going to Pappy and Harriet’s for the best BBQ ribs and live music.

5 | Summer– I just can’t wait for long days at the beach mixed in with some travel! We are hoping to go back to Big Sur and camp at Fernwood or Ventana. We love Bloody Mary’s at Nepenthe’s and brunch and Big Sur Bakery. Our favorite beaches there are Pfeiffer and Andrew Molera State Park. We are also planning a trip to Tropea, Italy!

6 | Cooking out of my Hartwood Cookbook– I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve not had much time for one of my biggest passions, cooking. I love the Hartwood: Bright, Wild Flavors from the Edge of the Yucatan cookbook. Ramsey gave it to me for my birthday last September and I haven’t really gotten to cook from it yet. I really want to get into all that pickling while drinking their delicious cocktails!

7 | The Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante I love listening to the series on Audible. It’s about two girls growing up in Naples in the 50’s and their complicated relationship amongst a very macho culture. I thought it was a truly riveting story. I’m listening to them all over again in Italian. It’s helping me brush up for this summer.



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