If you’re the kind of person who wakes up snuggling your iPhone, you may be excited to learn that you could say hello to the day with a super hot spiritual stud instead. Ryan Weiss believes that the first five minutes of your day determine the whole thing, so he created his rapidly-growing Waking Up With Ryan daily email alerts for people who want a side of optimism with their avocado toast.  

I fall asleep with laptops, iPads, chargers, half-read books, cats, journals, and pens on the other side of the bed, so Ryan has been a pretty welcome addition to my life. His insights put me in a positive headspace and I virtually always think of a friend who needs to be reading them too, so I pass them along. I did not expect to yearn for frequent emails to clog my inbox, but my commitment issues are suddenly nowhere to be found. Now Ryan and I are in a serious relationship—without the morning breath!  

Ryan recently told P+S all about a new project he’s launching, a weekly LIVE version of Waking Up With Ryan. (YES!!!) He also shared the top seven things he’s digging right now. Thanks, Ryan!  

1 | Pangea Organics—A dear buddy of mine started this fabulous skin care line. He totally sold me when he said, “You can eat every one of our products!” I am super conscious about what I put on my skin as it is our largest detox organ and extremely absorbent. Pangea’s soaps, scrubs, masks and creams are the best I’ve ever used.

2 | Oil Pulling and Tongue Scraping—Both are  ancient Ayurvedic dental techniques. Oil pulling involves swishing a tablespoon of  oil  in your mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. (I prefer coconut oil and do it for just 5 to 10.) The act draws out toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health, but also to improve overall health. I love that oil pulling forces me to be quiet for the first minutes of my day.  Tongue Scraping removes any build-up on the tongue, which, if left untreated, can lead to bad breath and may house a significant number of bacteria and toxic residue in the body. 

3 | Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C—I very rarely get sick. That’s because I am consistently using supplements to boost my immune system, like my favorite, Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. Unlike the typical pill form, it’s transported directly into your bloodstream and into your cells. I take at least 3000 mg every day!

4 | Four Sigmatic—Four Sigmatic was started by asking the question: “What is the smallest thing people could add to their current diet to produce the biggest positive impact on their health?” The clear answer was medicinal mushrooms. These powders are delicious and super easy to travel with, in fact, I never leave home without them!

5 | Thrive Market—When my lovely friend Kate Mulling told me she was working to launch Thrive Market, my skin crawled with inspiration. Thrive Market is the first socially conscious online store offering the world’s best-selling natural and organic products at wholesale prices. They carry over 2,500 of the highest quality foods, supplements, home supplies, personal care and beauty products from over 400 of the best brands on the market—all delivered straight to your door at 25-50% off retail prices! Their mission is to make healthy living easy, affordable and accessible for every American family.

6 | Sleep Masks—Sleep masks deepen my sleep which completely energizes how I feel when I wake up. Our bedrooms are filled with blinking lights and/or street lights seeping through our curtains, all of which keep us from deep, solid and restful sleep. On the nights I use an eye mask I wake up feeling far more refreshed and ready for a new day. 

7 | Goddess Time—Everyday, as I transition from the hustle of my work day to the evening I have my Goddess Time. I turn off my phone, play beautiful music, dry brush my skin (removing dead skin cells and stimulating my lymphatic system), light a candle, burn some incense and let myself dissolve into a warm bath with oils and salt. This 20-minute practice has revolutionized both my relationships and my creativity. We want to wash off our “go get ‘em” mind before we go on a date or have a chill evening. Goddess Time is especially good for those of us who have a tough time meditating. Simply get in your bath and don’t get out for 20 minutes. Do this for one week solid and watch how your life takes a turn for the miraculous.

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