Sometimes life is so chaotic and stressful, it’s hard to say “yes!” to even the most compelling cause. Still, most people would love to spend more time contributing to their communities. More often than not, the problem is that people don’t know how to plug in and make a real impact.

Rachael Chong has made making a difference as simple as logging into your LinkedIn. After starting her career in finance, Rachael founded Catchafire. The company makes it easy for nonprofits and social enterprises to post what they need and match them with professionals who want to help. Because the service is super specific, it really works. Catchafire has mobilized volunteers to produce tens of millions of dollars in donated time each year. No wonder Rachael was named a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader in 2014 and one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business in 2012.

A #Girlboss we know can teach us a lot, P+S caught up with Rachael to ask her what is making her life easier at the moment. Here is what she said:

1 | HeadspaceI’ve always loved the concept of meditation, but I’ve never figured out how to actually meditate until the Headspace app.

2 | Getting Things DoneThis book by David Allen has been around and loved by business leaders for years, but it was only recently that I discovered it. I’m applying many GTD principles to work and life, and it seems promisingly game-changing.

3 | ClasspassI just quit Equinox in favor of Classpass (go Payal!). It allows me to find, try and go to a variety of classes which keeps things interesting.

4 | Cycling–The best thing about summer in NYC is that I can ride my road bike in Central Park after work at night when it’s empty. It’s perfect for grinding out the day.

5 | Journaling–An important way for me to destress and detox, putting pen to paper in a private journal is how I find my center and let things go.

6 | Matcha Green TeaI get my green tea from a little place in Kyoto, Japan. Making it each morning–getting the hot water to just under boiling and whisking the matcha in a bowl is a ritual I love.

7 | My dog–My dog, Maile, who comes to work with me every day is a big part of how I find peace in the big city.

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