House of Intuition: A Magical World of Tea Leaf Readings and the Metaphysical

07.19.2016 Arts & Culture
Taylor Morgan
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With locations in Echo Park, Highland Park and West Hollywood, House of Intuition boasts classes in all things reflective—Kundalini Yoga, Sound Bath meditation, holistic pain relief, personification of money and success and even sorcery. This slated schedule that weaves throughout the week is in addition to the intimate readings and healing therapies they mindfully roll out.

I booked a Tea Leaf reading, more formerly known as Tasseomancy because dissimilar from tarot cards or palm readings—which undoubtedly have their merit—this divination of fortune-telling was one that I was entirely unfamiliar with. I learned that it’s considered an art form of the Romany Gypsies and that the patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds or wine sediment can showcase what’s to come in your life. House of Intuition’s website explained that loose leaf is brewed, sipped by the client from a porcelain teacup, and the remaining leaves are interpreted by a natural born clairvoyant.

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Candace Looft greeted me and together we walked past a myriad of healing stones, geodes, energy spray and herbs. Candace has been reading cards since she was 12, became a certified Reiki practitioner four years ago, and dabbles in oracle cards, palmistry, tea leaf readings, and has been an astrologist—courtesy of her great paternal grandmother—since she was a little girl.

She explained to me that the reading is strictly perspective. “Everyone will take away what they need from a session. Often times people need more time to process and reflect on what was discussed afterwards. This is ideal and gives time for people to make conscious decisions that change their vibration. The universe then responds to that and things begin to take form.”

I admired her agate stone, which was aligned with a series of other rocks ushering in the energy she warranted on this particular day. I finished my tea which had hints of lavender and sage (a House of Intuition blend) as Candace closed her eyes to recite The Akashic. “All those in light and love, and light and love only are welcome in this space. All others are banished now and forever more. Calling on my guides, ascended masters, Angels, ancestors and all high vibrational beings to assist in delivering the messages in the name of the highest good. Please hold sacred space. Removing what no longer serves us emotionally, physically and spiritually. The records are open.” Her eyes fluttered open and she flipped my teacup upside down onto the floral porcelain plate beneath.

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We covered an impressive amount of topics in our 30-minute reading—career, love and family. Some of what she shared was inconceivable and lead to restless nights, while other bits I’ll keep with me as positive tokens to propel me forward.

Once our reading concluded, I asked if there has been an influx in the psychic and tarot community recently. “Absolutely there has been. Spirituality is at an all time high due to shifts in higher consciousness. So many people are waking up to the idea of divination tools and are seeing the potential in accessing universal knowledge themselves.” How do you avoid blindness and justification when it comes to intuition? I pondered. “By having trust,” she answered. “Patience and trust are two things that are necessary to participate in this type of work. You have to have confidence in the relationship you have with your higher self. Sometimes the answers people are seeking aren’t always the truth, but being in alignment and being able to give that message is a gift.”

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To get the most of your readings, Candace recommends that you research each modality and find one that aligns with you. Enter with an open mind, take notes or audio, compare those from each session to determine your personal progress and lessons you may have learned, and most importantly be honest with yourself allowing your journey to fully unfold.

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