Yoga is all about finding balance. As we root our feet down in mountain pose, we rebound the energy up through the crown of our heads. While we press into the base of the fingers in Downward Dog, we lift the forearms away from the earth. As we press our chests back toward our thighs, we draw up and in through our abdomen and front ribs.

We must always balance the actions in our postures with a counteraction to bring us back into balance. Sometimes we must say no to take care of ourselves so that we can find the energy that we need in order to be of service. It’s just as important to receive help as it is to give it. This maintains our energy balance. Some days we practice a sweaty Vinyasa Flow and other days we practice Gentle Restorative Yoga. It’s important to explore the balance in our bodies and minds.

Today, I invite you to notice how balanced you’re feeling in your postures and if there are ways that you can incorporate finding even more.

“Bend and you will be whole. Curl and you will be straight. Keep empty and you will be filled. Grow old and you will be renewed.” –The Tao Te Ching

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