Only in LA: The Nail Salon + Astrology Collab

06.28.2016 Uncategorized
Taylor Morgan
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Growing up with a grandfather who was an inventor and ophthalmologist for NASA gave Rose Theodora a window into a world that most kids only dream to discover— space. Between the age of eight or nine, she came across her mother’s astrology books. Flipping through the pages, her curiosity for how the planets inform our human condition lead to her unceasing passion to continue discovering. Today, after decades of studying astrology, she sits beside me at Enamel Diction a nail enamel studio in Los Angeles founded by Mariana Stanciu– located just a street away from Saturn, which in astrology is symbolical of karma.

“We’ll start by having you pick a color that you’re drawn to,” Rose smiled. My eyes began to scan a white wall with black zodiac symbols, equipped with tiny shelves below and their respective polish colors stacked side-by-side. Like those before me who had consciously booked a colorscope reading with Rose, the studio’s resident astrologer, I had done my research. I knew that Chromotherapy, defined as color therapy, is about learning what colors meld well with your sun sign (which is determined by the month and day you were born) and rising sign (arguably the more accurate and lesser known variable, determined by the exact time, day, year, and place you were born).


This practical collision of beauty and astrology came about when Rose met the co-owner of Enamel Diction Tamara Sheeran, who asked her if there was a relationship between horoscopes and color. The answer was yes, based on the weekly transitioning planets there are beneficial colors that each individual should incorporate to attract cosmic energy— be it wellness or financial success.

Surveying the wall, I’m immediately drawn to a green blue color but aware that this is a predictable choice for a Cancer so I begin to explain to Rose that I’m generally drawn to nudes or reds. “Gut instinct! Go!” she instructed. I grabbed the blue green polish and the two of us sat down, with a vertical wall of greenery behind us. She grabbed her iPad and opened her Swiss Ephemeris app, which is fittingly designed by NASA. She plugs in my information, immediately noting some of the more complicated relationships I have in my life. She quickly transitions to explain that home is extremely important for me, because it’s where I recharge. “You’re a private person that processes internally, but because your rising sign is Leo many think of you as an extrovert. It’s important to know that about yourself— that you need time alone.” I nod.


“You are the color rose gold, for your deep and rich emotions. This should be your overall go-to color. Oxblood is your health color; anytime that you feel like you’re getting sick bring this color around you. Green and emerald are your career colors, or colors to wear when you’re speaking in front of people. Bright red promotes emotional flow. White or creams help you feel light, which is positive because you have such intense emotions. Light blue is the color of your past life and it’s a color that I don’t like for you. Plum is your rising sign color, neon or hot pink is your communication and friendship color. Black is your overall go-to for confidence. Orange is a relationship that you need to develop with yourself; something you’re not comfortable with but will become comfortable with in time. Start with coral or peach colors,” Rose told me. “Are there any colors that you don’t like?” “Orange!” I laugh.

Rose walked me over to Dani Jean Washington, resident artist at Enamel Diction, and explained that she’d like for me to have a mauve color with rose gold foiled on top. Dani was a perfectionist and delivered the best manicure I’ve ever received. As for the color, I’m not so sure I identify with rose gold— but with knowledge of how these various colors can cosmically promote the best version of myself I’ll be sure to keep them around.

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