Why You Need To Go To Brow Rehab Immediately

05.17.2016 Arts & Culture
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Is it too much to say that eyebrows are the Instagram filters of the face? In the same way some peeps only post photos when they’ve been processed by Earlybird, Gingham, or Walden, your brows are a distinct point of view that frame the lenses through which you see the world.

That’s why it’s important to keep them bold and unique.

“People want to look as young as possible, and I think the most non-invasive, non-surgical way to do that is with a fuller brow,” says Kristie Streicher of STRIIIKE, a beauty studio in Beverly Hills, that she co-founded with her sisters, Jenn and Ashley. Using only vegetable tints and tweezers (DON’T WAX!!!), the sisters have mastered the art of the less extreme arch so well that stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Emily Blunt, Adele and Lorde have become clients. 

Known as the “Brow Queen” and the founder of the “Feathered Brow,” Poppy+Seed recently caught up with Kristie to discuss the seductive power of the brow, and what it’s like to be a successful entrepreneur working alongside family.

“I feel really blessed to be doing what I love in a beautiful space that I created with my sisters,” she told us. “We wanted to do something that allowed us to work more closely together and provide a way to brand ourselves as sisters in the industry.  Creating a collaborative space to not only share clients but to be creative with photo shoots and videos seemed like the perfect start.”

The family collaboration has grown into a “comfortable but chic” space where the sisters made an intentional effort to avoid the “often times busy, frenetic energy filled salon vibe,” Kristie says. STRIIIKE serves yummy coffee from Stumptown, and it’s not uncommon to find patrons hanging out long after their appointments have ended to browse the salon’s carefully-curated selection of products.

Kristie has some advice for P+S readers questioning the grooming strategy they apply to their own arches:

DO let them grow!

DO brush them up and hold them up using a strong hold gel.  Keeping hairs in an upward direction with really lifts the eyes and face.  It’s like a mini face/eye lift.

DO Fill them in! If your brows are too thin for your face or fall too short—fill them in along the brow bone line using products that look natural.  i.e.. a powder or powdery pencil. Always blend out with a brush or Q-tip.

DON’T wax. Ever.

DON’T use a magnifying mirror to tweeze or trim brows.  No one should see themselves that close.  Magnifying mirrors can be a tool for self destruction.

DON’T over-cut your brows. Crew cut brows are NOT CUTE! Cut hairs one at a time and alter the length so you don’t make any dense patches, holes or sparse areas.

DON’T let the ends get too thin/short. As we age, they naturally thin from the ends first so keep them as long and as full as possible.

As you can imagine, all three Striechers are capable of extraordinary things when they furrow their brows and put their heads together.

STRIIIKE has brought them closer together and given them a one-of-a-kind opportunity to work through their relationships and dreams. Each sister has mastered her own skill: Kristie’s on the brows, Jenn is the master of makeup, and Ashley handles their customer’s precious tresses.

“My proudest achievement is where our relationship has taken us to and what we’ve have created with STRIIIKE.  It’s pretty Powerful!” Kristie says.

As much as she enjoys that achievement, you won’t find her slowing down any time soon.

“I think the only thing we can do in life is to be prepared. I’m always thinking of how I can do better or improve, in business and in life.”

To see Kristie for your brow rehab: http://striiike.com/

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