Kundalini Yoga: Keeping The Body Beautiful

05.10.2016 Arts & Culture
Taylor Eyewalker
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A body is a temple of expression and evolvement. This beautiful body cannot be eaten by anything except our own ego. We are in constant search for the experience of God, freedom, energy and consciousness. If we could only purify ourselves, then God would be known to us and come to live in us. That infinite energy is the giver in every situation.

Our own habits of possession, resistance, anger, tension and attachment set up energy patterns within the body that disrupt the normal flow of energy. This Kriya can help you clean the body and readjust the flow of energy periodically since we are all products of our habits. Through this we can understand the delicate nature of what it means to adapt, evolve and create a healthy level of resistance.

Here we include the directions that you are guided through in the video for reference! Sat Nam.

Keeping The Body Beautiful

1 | Long Deep Breathing. Sit in Easy Pose with spine straight. Begin breathing long and deep through both nostrils. Focus on the life-giving flow of breath for 3 minutes. To end, inhale, suspend the breath a few seconds, then relax the breath.

2 | Frog Pose. Squat down on the toes, knees wide apart. Heels are touching, and raised up off the ground. Place the fingertips on the ground between the knees. The face is forward. Inhale as you raise the hips up, keeping the fingertips on the ground, heels up, knees locked.

3 | Exhale down, face forward, knees outside of arms 10 times. On the tenth, stay down and take three deep breaths. On the third breath exhale completely and suspend the breath out as you apply mulbandh. Suspend the breath out 10-20 seconds.

4 | Repeat Frog Pose 26 times. On the last time, stay down and take three deep breaths. On the third breath, suspend the breath out and again apply mulbandh. Feel energy rise along the spine as you suspend the breath out. Do not strain.

5 | Front Stretch. Stretch the legs out straight in front. Relax forward and grab the big toes in Finger Lock (index finger and middle finger pull the toe, and the thumb presses on the toe). Inhale, lengthening the spine. Exhale, bend forward from the navel, bringing chest to thighs, nose to knees. The head follows last. Avoid leading with the head. Hold the position for 3 minutes.

This is Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

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