Kundalini Yoga: Enchantingly Beautiful Kriya

05.17.2016 Arts & Culture
Taylor Eyewalker
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You know those people who have something special that shines from their being? It’s like they were born to be magnetic. Who knows? You may already be one of them. The purpose of this set is to make you enchantingly beautiful. This short kriya can make you a different person. It increases your beauty, physically and mentally. Many of us have lost contact with the essence of beauty, which comes from good physical condition. It is a radiance of soul that shines through the physical appearance and beyond. This series elevates you to a level of consciousness where you can appreciate the new inflow of energy. It makes you want to meditate.

Here we include the directions that you are guided through in the video for reference! Sat Nam.

1 | Spine Flex Variation. Sit on the heels in Rock Pose. Put the palms flat on the ground outside of the knees, a little to the front. Pull the neck up, spine straight. You should look just like one of those little Buddhist temple lions. Begin flexing the spine to its maximum capacity, keeping the elbows straight. Inhale, flex forward, exhale powerfully, flex backward. Keep a steady rhythm. The forehead will get hot and the spine will sweat. Continue for 3 minutes.

This exercise purifies the blood, adds strength to the whole nervous system and will save you from back and shoulder pain. Move immediately into the next exercise.

2 | Yoga Mudra. Still in Rock Pose, interlace the fingers at the base of the spine with palms facing the head. Straighten the arms and lift as high as you can. 2 minutes. Inhale, exhale, relax.

This exercise puts such circulation and beauty into your cheeks that you will not need cosmetics.

3 | Sit with the legs straight in front, heels together. Place the palms down at the sides of the body, slightly in back of the hips. Raise the legs slowly to 60 degrees and hold. Don’t bend backward at all. 3 minutes. Inhale and exhale 2 times.

This exercise stretches the sciatic nerve and helps relieve headaches. Move immediately into the next exercise.

4 | With the body in the same position as #3, bring the knees onto the chest. Balance the body, holding the feet 6 inches off the ground. Begin Breath of Fire for 2 minutes. Inhale, exhale, relax.

This exercise cleans the blood with 50 powerful repetitions of Breath of Fire. As long as the breath is continuous, it cleans the lungs and stimulates the life force so that you can retain your youth and power.

5 | Stretch the legs straight in front and catch the toes. Elbows are straight. Pull and elongate the spine fully, and pull Neck Lock. Close the eyes, and roll them up. Press the toes hard for 2 minutes.

6 | Maintain the same position as Exercise 5, and begin to chant the mantra HUM. It means We. The sound is continuous. This helps you come out of individual pettiness and tension. It cleans the lungs and creates such a stimulation to the life force that you can retain your youth, power, and potency. Time is unspecified.

Exercises 5 and 6 stimulate the two master glands of the blood— the liver and the spleen. If you stretch very tight and concentrate as you keep up, you may see colors and other visual effects. It is only an experience, so press beyond this point.

This is Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

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