Jenni Kayne On How To Do It All With A Little Help From Your Lady Friends

05.24.2016 Arts & Culture
Taylor Morgan
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I often read profiles about women who are changing the status quo. Their missions have a common threading—they’re actively in pursuit of making this world a better place and they’re proving to us all that passion and persistence is powerful beyond measure. Promoting solidarity among gender, culture, and race is not an easy feat and yet we look to the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow— our mothers, our girlfriends, and even 11-year old lemonade entrepreneurs—to propel us forward. Jenni Kayne is yet another influential woman who propels us forward in our everyday lives.

Her modern luxury, relaxed California, apparel line provides us with ready-to-wear sliders, plush cashmeres, and versatile silhouettes that beget a timeless aesthetic. We trust in her apothecary of beauty must-have’s that are plant-based and so well received they often sell out. We look to Jenni as a designer who curates her storefronts in Brentwood, Montecito, and West Hollywood with artisanal home decor—rustic-yet-refined ceramic vases, porcelain teapots, and the ever-trending San Francisco-made dish covers.

Then there is the constant evolution of her blog Rip&Tan, named after her children, which showcases style, wellness, living, entertainment, food and drink. Here we are invited into Jenni’s home to experience the world of floral crowns, healing breath-work, and scrumptious passion fruit raspberry champagne cocktails.

Behind this self-driven and creative visionary, there is a young mom who grew up riding horses in Topanga and spending summers in Lake Tahoe. “All my fondest memories are times I spent outdoors,” Jenni shared with P+S. “My style, energy, and personality truly reflect my soulful upbringing. I designed my Spring 2016 Collection after what I call ‘Earthy Minimalism’ and the Topanga landscape. The soft stripes and beautiful textures of gauze and lace felt feminine, but easy to wear. I try to design pieces that make women feel good—clothing that isn’t fussy or too delicate. I want to be remembered for designing timeless staples.”

When Jenni is not in Los Angeles, you can find her returning to some of her favorite childhood getaways; riding horses in Santa Ynez or hanging with her kids in Lake Tahoe. By sharing her lifestyle with the world, she has formed a community of happy and healthy women.

Still, even with great success, there are obstacles to acknowledge.

“My biggest struggle is giving equal attention to all aspects of my brand. I want to do it all!” Jenni says. “But in the last two years I have built a team that I trust and respect. Having a trusted team has allowed me to take a small step back… I am a Virgo after all.”

It’s not uncommon to see mother daughter pairs shopping in her stores and that is because there is purpose and practicality in everything she creates. For this, we’ll continue to look to Jenni as an entrepreneur and leader of wellness and community.

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