Downtown LA’s Eco-Conscious Children’s Line: Boy + Girl

05.03.2016 Uncategorized
Taylor Morgan
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Peter Pan collars with ruffles, sorbet t-shirts, temporary pineapple tattoos on forearms, and sun-soaked hair flying every which way are just a few of the playful details that Christine Chang has captured in her children’s apparel line boy & girl. After working for Ralph Lauren, ABC Home, and Nike she learned to be mindful of details, cohesion, and most importantly brand identity.

For boy + girl this identity is centered on sustainability, in many ways, from big to small. Local organic and recycled fabric for knits are sourced, the line is produced in Los Angeles, tags for clothing are made from recycled paper and soy based ink, and in Christine’s personal life she chooses to be a vegetarian.

“I think growing up in Northern California those kind of environmental aspects are ingrained in you,” she says. “There is a misconception that sustainability is about perfection and it’s not. There are many choices you can make to help limit your impact on the earth. It’s about asking questions, making progress and being considerate.”


While launching boy + girl has been one of the most exciting adventures of Christine’s life, everyday she is faced with a new and different challenge. “It’s an act of problem solving, drive, determination, and also letting things go. It’s a very emotional journey but I hope that’s what makes our line great. I pour my heart and soul into every season and I love every bit of it.”

Growing up with a creative mother who paints, cooks, gardens, and makes clothing has been instrumental in her development of problem solving skills.

“My Mom and I are very close,” she shared with P+S. “We talk several times a week. She is light and free spirited but at the same time strong and focused. She gave everything when she raised us four girls and she is a true artist. I don’t dare say I captured so many of her strengths but we are definitely kindred spirits.”

Today she is surrounded by tiny nieces who serve as yet another source of inspiration. “I love children and I love designing for children because you have the freedom to be more loose and whimsical. When we photograph our lookbooks nothing is staged or posed. I like everything in its most natural and in the moment state. I try to carry that philosophy into life as well.”

Falling in love with Christine’s line is effortless for this very reason. It’s consistent and yet constantly evolving like seasons, our maternal lineage, and self.

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