Daily Adaptogens + Why You Should Be Incorporating Them

05.10.2016 Life
Meredith Baird
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Adaptogens. In Los Angeles, the word rolls out of people’s mouths as easily as eating an apple or drinking orange juice have long been touted as sound health advice. A potion a day is almost to be expected. Did you have ashwagandha, rhodiola, or perhaps reishi for breakfast? You didn’t? Well, what were you thinking!

It’s easy to make fun of people who eat all of these exotic foods if you don’t know what they are, but that doesn’t mean you’re right and they’re wrong. Just because adaptogens may be new to you, doesn’t mean they haven’t been around for centuries—because they have. Adaptogens have  been used in Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine since way before big pharma and name brand drugs were invented. They are traditionally used to boost energy and resilience. The more popular they become in Western culture, the more studies and tests are being done to prove that they work. These aren’t a new hippie trend or latest food fad. These are nature’s unique way of providing us with exactly what we need.

So what are adaptogens?

The most streamlined way to explain adaptogens is that they simply help you “adapt” to stress, the environment, hormonal changes, toxic overload, and any other number of factors that influence us daily. As clean as we may try to live, there will always be stressors—and we don’t mean an irritating boss or long day at work. Of course these things do give us stress, but adaptogens really help hone in on the stressors that we don’t always recognize like eating too much sugar, not getting enough sleep, undiagnosed food allergies, and unknown chemical pollutants.

Adaptogens aid our adrenals in combating stress. They are a unique group of herbs used to improve the health of our overall adrenal system. Our adrenals are entirely responsible for  managing our body’s hormonal response to stress, and as life and our environments get more complicated our adrenals run the risk of being tapped out. Adrenal fatigue has become a chronic issue in western culture and we go about managing it all wrong. We have a tendency to combat stress with more stress-inducing substances, further compounding our issues.

So why should we include adaptogens on the the daily? Because it’s time to adapt!

We’ll say it again. These little miracle herbs are not a trend. They are a unique tool that we have to start incorporating into our lives better. Those who adapt have always survived longer than those who resist. Our adrenals need help.

Adaptogens can work in very subtle or very pronounced ways. Depending on your constitution, you may notice improvements in your overall well being immediately, or it may take a few weeks of daily use to fully recognize the benefits. Either way, they work and you will feel better.

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