Coco Kislinger gave us gluten free, dairy free, paleo + vegan cakes + cookies. Now, she’s giving us beauty tips, sharing apps that’ll make you think twice before grabbing bargain bin shampoo, and making us fall in love with her latest insta-obsession. Check the 7 things making her life better right now and read her personal journey in her own words below!

I grew up in a house that smelled like a bakery. The Santa Monica Wednesday Farmers Market was a ritual, browsing the stalls, getting to know and talking to the farmers, bringing them cookies. I learned to bake at my mom’s side, often using her very first and only Kitchen Aid Mixer. That mixer was a staple of my childhood, turning it on and off, cracking eggs and adding ingredients and—best of all—licking the blades. My brother, sister and I rolled the leftover pie crust dough and made our own creations and were so proud of our treats.

I lived for moments in the kitchen. We traveled, often renting houses on holiday so we could get to know the farmers market and cook like a local. It was always about the “amazing” tomatoes or eggplant or lettuce… always seeking something new and delicious. Food became a huge part of my independence as a teen. Before I could drive, I would bike through the city to See’s Candies and Pane Fresco and other destinations, most all of them with food as a goal. My friends and I would gather and eat or drink or just shop for candy and baked goods. I continued to bake and watch my mom and aunt and godmother in their kitchens, watching them make magic.

It wasn’t a shock when, after college in Claremont, I chose Le Cordon Bleu in Paris over law school. In that (crazy) delicious and highly disciplined milieu, I discovered an intolerance to dairy and a malaise that I later found was a reaction to gluten. When I returned from Paris, I began working at Huckleberry Bakery and Cafe. After mornings in the bakery, I tried to create equally delicious things that I could enjoy and still feel healthy.

Coco Bakes was founded on the principle that great tasting cakes and cookies can also be healthy. By using honest, whole, and organic ingredients, these decadent and luscious baked goods will leave you feeling happy and satisfied.

1 | My mama is my everything. She gifted me a friendship bracelet with the Eiffel Tower on it when I got back from Le Cordon Bleu Paris and it’s been on my arm ever since.

2 | I live in leggings in the kitchen and at home. I cannot get enough of the Sunset legging by Electric and Rose.  I wear them band up and they hug me almost like a Spanx. Not to mention, they’re all designed in Venice and made in Los Angeles. Made in the LA means so much to me.  

3 | Building a community. In the last year I’ve built connections to and surrounded myself with powerful, hardworking, free spirited and kind entrepreneurial women who inspire me. It’s really fun to collaborate and share our experiences, failures and successes.

4 | I’m obsessed with my girlfriend’s Instagram account @wellynest. Tamara is a wealth of knowledge and she give away nuggets of wisdom on her page, and every once in awhile you can catch a photo of her angelic daughter. I’ve also heard great things about her course!

5 | Think Dirty App. I don’t remember how I heard of it but it changed my life and ALL of my cosmetic, hair, soap and kitchen products. I can’t even count the number of people I’ve shared this with because knowing what you put on your body is so gosh darn important.   

6 | Thrive Market. I can’t get enough. My shopping list: Acure shampoo and conditioner (any kind helped my dandruff disappear), great lakes collagen, essential oils, chocolate, Jackson’s Honest potato chips, Weleda Sea Buckthorne Hand Cream (great for injuries, arthritis etc.), organic olive oil, Jason natural toothpaste, organic coconut oil.

7 | Two words. Pure Potions. The beauty tonic is out of this world. They’re combinations of herbs and superfoods for longevity, beauty and balance. Submerge Coco Bakes collagen-rich marshmallows into the potion and drink all year long.

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