Whether it’s political, religious or health related, everyone has an opinion about toking. So is it good or bad?

We’re not the ganja police, and we’re not Cheech’s cousin either. But we do want to steer you in the right direction if you’re choosing between cannabis, OTC drugs and even alcohol. So you’re hearing it from us: there are certain times when Mary Jane may very well be the better choice!

If you’re ever in pain, you may want to consider taking a form of Cannabinoids (CBDs) over Tylenol (Acetaminophen). Acetaminophen is an ingredient in many OTC cold and headache medications. According to one study, “acetaminophen overdose is one of the most common poisonings worldwide.” Some people may even be taking in more of the drug than they realize because of hidden sources.

Acetaminophen causes liver damage. Couple that with a glass or two of wine and voila– you’re now contributing to weight gain. Your liver is the organ that processes fat, and a damaged liver won’t be able to do it’s job properly. So put down the Tylenol and grab a CBD pen! You won’t even get the munchies!

Advil is another sneaky OTC. Its main ingredient—Ibuprofen—is used for pain relief as well as an anti-inflammatory. There are people who literally “eat” Advil daily, by the handful. Even Whoopi Goldberg. That is, until she was given a vape pen. Now she has full control over the amount of THC she takes for pain relief, not to mention the anti-inflammatory benefits.

We may not believe in smoking, but using a vape or eating edibles can do wonders if you’re on your menstrual cycle or in pain and looking for a natural alternative to the standard OTC. Couple this with Turmeric juice for the inflammation and you can throw out all the Tylenol and Advil you’ve stored in your messy kitchen and bathroom drawers over the years.

Another time to consider vaping or edibles is for special recreational purposes like New Year’s Eve, camping, or going to the beach. Sometimes it’s fun to just let loose. Basically, we’re of the opinion that alcohol is more harmful than weed. We’re not huge fans of either, unless it’s a glass of Rosè or a toke now and then. But if you’re choosing between the two and you can man-handle the munchies, herbs are the way to go. It’s what nature intended. Plus, your two options are laughing hysterically or sitting on the couch watching a movie. How harmful can that be?

Whether you’re doing it for pain or pleasure, be smart about how you toke. Smoking is smoking. It will affect your lungs. Vaping with a vaporizer or vaping pen is much easier on the body. The least harmful methods are eating edibles or taking THC pills. Always be sure to source the herbs through someone you trust. These days getting your medical card (in states where it’s legal) is as easy as making your pet a service animal. Purchase through cannabis clinics who have a relationship with the growers and who label their products accurately. It’s like buying groceries– you want them to be the highest quality organic greens you can get on the market!

So this week when you’re celebrating Mother Earth and enjoying that healthy, farm-to-table dinner menu, put on some reggae, take it easy, and chase that ol’ green dragon. It’s all good after all!

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