Meet Shira Lenchewski. Resident Nutrition Expert at and Shira and I both share a love of good food, great style and hard work. We met at the gym and reunited at a clean beauty event last fall. Shira is the best. I love her personality and could talk with her for hours. She is a dynamic, results oriented Registered Dietician with a meaningful understanding of the interplay between food and the body. Her undergraduate degree from UCLA, Nutritional Science Master’s education at NYU and her foodie vibes are the perfect foundation for helping others develop a positive relationship with eating. Shira is skilled at designing sustainable and realistic eating plans that work for even the most demanding lifestyles. Her interest in human physiology and athletic performance is what directed her career in the health industry. She completed the prestigious NYU Dietetic Internship with intensive Medical Nutritional Therapy training and 6-months of clinical rotations at Mount Sinai Hospital. She is currently living in LA with her Husband.

Get the scoop on Shira’s favorites right now- you won’t want to miss!

1 | Goldfaden Sun Visor—Best. Sunscreen. Ever.

2 | Alfred’s Matcha—But first, matcha.

3 | Soothe App—On-demand massages top my list for non-food rewards.

4 | Glamsquad App —On-demand blow-outs are also at the top of my non-food rewards list. As you might gather, I’m a huge fan of at-home self-care services.

5 | Yamuna foot savers—I roll my feet out every night before bed; I suppose you could say it’s my meditative practice.

6 | Whitney Cummings’ article in Lenny Letter—vulnerable and powerful and brave.

7 | Great Lakes Beef Gelatin—My friend Laurel turned me on to this gelatin (which sounds mildly gag-worthy, but I promise smells and tastes like nothing) as an egg replacer in baked goods. It’s also a great source of easily digestible protein.

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