Ryann is a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher in Los Angeles. She has dedicated her life to studying the most effective ways to help others move through blockages and increase their presence. Ryann has more than 600 hours of yoga study including time studying Yogic Philosophy with her teacher, Swami Govindananda in India. Ryann has been lucky to study and teach yoga across the globe and considers the culmination of these experiences to be her inspiration for connecting with others and helping them to learn the tools to uncover their true brilliance.

Ryann is currently studying Mindfulness and Meditation with UCLA’s 10-month Mindful Awareness Research Program, where she is researching the most powerful ways to strengthen the brain through meditation. She consults with her Corporate Wellness Program, where she works with companies to teach mindfulness as a tool to increase productivity, creativity and stress reduction.

Here are the things that are making Ryann’s world go ‘round.

1 | My rescue pup, Worm. He has truly taught me how to love, forgive and play. Cannot imagine my life without him. He is a healer, a poet, a surfer—you name it—my pup has probably been it in one of his past lives.

2 | Mindfulness. I have been working on being really present with where I am in space and time. This tool has helped me to increase my attention to detail, metabolize stress and react in a balanced manner in fast-paced environments. I am passionate about bringing this tool into workspaces through guided meditation and mindfulness workshops through my work teaching yoga and meditation. Working with companies and businesses and teaching them how to optimize their productivity is really lighting me up right now!

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

3 | Anandamide’s Coconut Kefir. Coconut Kefir is coconut water that has been fermented to the perfect point. It has little to no sugar, is filled with good bacteria that colonizes your gut with immune system and digestion supporting bacteria. Kefir even has mood boosting properties. Not all Kefirs are created equal! Anandamide’s refreshing fermented coconut drink is light, fizzy and refreshing and that’s why I love it!  

4 | Gjusta. It goes without saying that this little spot is a slice of heaven. I love the color palette of whites inside this place and I am equally smitten by the cozy,  unpretentious outdoor patio. This Venice nook is my go-to for a fresh salad and, of course, baguette and butter. Try going late in the day or be prepared to wait on the weekend because everyone else wants one of these baguettes, too!

5 | Quintessential Quintons. These little vials of magic are a necessity in my world. They are essentially trace minerals that help to remineralize your system which leads to increased energy, support in hydration and nutrition for your cells. I always count on these to revive me after a sweaty workout or a long day of travel.

6 | Chaste Tree Extract. AKA The Miracle of the Earth. For me, this little tincture saves my life on the daily. It balances out my progesterone, lessens PMS breakouts and lessens PMS symptoms overall—yes, even moodiness, bloating and the cramps. So grateful for this little gem.

7 | Adventures. Lately, my husband and I have been taking advantage of all of the interesting things around us. Whether it’s hopping in the car and heading to Joshua Tree or heading north to Big Sur, I have been loving exploring all of these magical places that are just a day trip away. I love seeking out treasures, finding great food and taking in the scenery. These tiny vacations add adventure into our routine and keep me inspired!

Some of my favorite trips from LA are:

Big Sur |  So many beautiful campgrounds- you really can’t go wrong!

Palm Springs | So many great places to stay- try a hotel that has Mineral Springs on site!

La Jolla | We love to stay at Estancia where Black’s Beach is just a 5 minute walk!

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