Nicole Kazimer (aka Hello Yoga Girl) is the smiley founder of Rochester, NY’s popular hiking and yoga hybrid, Hikyoga™. Wanting to combine her love for travel, reflecting on life through nature’s fresh surroundings and yoga practice, Nicole manifested Hikyoga™ as a day-long retreat to make new friends, set personal intentions, and “fill up with love” for the week ahead.

Nicole recently visited San Diego to share the Hikyoga™ vibe with me, old and new friends high above the Pacific at Torrey Pines to celebrate my birthday. She likes to think that this type of retreat can help balance active energy in a way that simultaneously instills the idea that slowing down is ok, the necessary yin to support action’s yang. That the natural ebb and flow from hiking to yoga helps pump blood from our hearts to our minds. We were all “high on life” to say the least by the end of our hike!

Nicole is truly a devoted yogi and an authentic cheer-bringer through and through.

Thank you Nicole for your contribution, and answering the question: “What are the top 7 things making your life better right now?”

1 | Kilogram Organic Tea’s Tumeric Tonic. I fell in love with Kilogram Organic Tea’s Tumeric Tonic while working at my favorite coffee house in Rochester. This anti-inflammatory herb has been a miracle worker in my life! I take it everyday for everything including mood, energy, skin, digestion, and immunity enhancement. And, no more migraines! Turmeric offers amazing effects on the body, mind, and soul too.

2 | Living my passion teaching Hikyoga—hiking infused with yoga. The feeling of letting go of all external distractions while watching my students ground into their natural surrounding is so fulfilling. My love for life grows as I see my students eyes light up when they see new surroundings. My favorite part is helping them open their five senses to explore new feelings that the outdoors evokes. Teaching yoga outside allows me to travel, help others and see views! The hike to the view is breathtaking!

3 | Moon Bathing. No bathing suit needed, just some skin showing to relax outside under the moon and stars. The energy absorbed from a full moon is incredible. The day of, before and after the full moon is a time to attract love, abundance, creativity and positive energy. I moon bathed for the first time glamping in the Adirondacks and I’ll admit I was a little skeptical at first. After sleeping amazingly well and feeling great the next day, I enjoy revitalizing with every full moon.

4 | Journey to the Heart By Melody Beattie. I noticed my mentor and favorite yoga teacher holding this book every class. It caught my eye while browsing one day. It was the only one on the shelf, so I knew I had to buy it! Beattie’s book includes one meditation per day which helps us view life a little differently. It helps us see our obstacles in a new light, encouraging us to be grateful for all of life’s lessons. This is such an eye-opening, inspiring daily short read to boost flow and share with loved ones.

5 | Positive people. I’m addicted and obsessed with positive vibes. I am so incredibly grateful for those who surround and support me to be the best person I can be. From my girlfriends always (authentically) listening then offering insight, to my boyfriend guiding each step I make with his incredible creativity and being my biggest cheerleader and to my four parents for guiding and supporting the not-so-typical career paths I have chosen. They are all helping me to live my dream and I couldn’t be more happy.

6 | Golden Hour. That oh-so-perfect, beautiful and magical time shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the sky is breathtaking and the temperature is at its best of the day. Golden hour is the ideal time to take photos, where the lighting beams on the subject in just the right way to capture so much natural beauty and warmth. This time of day is extremely peaceful for me and for capturing yoga photos in natural settings. Golden Hour on the West Coast is my happy place!

7 | Athleta Namaste Seamless Bra. Ladies, let’s admit we love “sports” bras even if we aren’t the sportiest. The only down fall- bad case of the “uni-boob”. The Namaste Bra avoids all uni-boobs with a little ruching in between the ladies. If I am teaching, practicing, running errands or a little desk work… love me a good Namaste Bra! The light in me sees and honors the light in this bra! Namaste!

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