Kundalini Detox: 4 Poses To Aid Digestion

04.19.2016 Arts & Culture
Taylor Eyewalker
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Nabhi Kriya for Digestion

If you’re reading this publication, I can pretty much guarantee that you love to know where your food came from, how far away it was grown, the chef that prepared the food and quite possibly if the food had a name! I can also bet you care deeply about the way you digest the food you love. We want to keep our digestion balanced and strong so we can feel light, energetic and free of disease. To stimulate good digestion and improve concentration, the navel point must be stimulated and distributed energetically through the body. This Kriya will optimize your function. You will likely feel very happy, free of control issues and balanced within. We can care all we want about our farm-to-table experience, but if we can’t digest it, what’s the point?!

Here we include the directions that you are guided through in the video for reference! Sat Nam.

Exercise 3 can be slowly extended to 31 minutes of long, deep, and slow breathing. Exercise 4 can be extended to 5 minutes.

1 | Lie on the stomach and make both hands into fists. Place the fists beneath the pelvis, just inside the hip bones at the top of the thighs. Lift the legs as high as possible with knees straight. Place the chin on the ground and begin breathing long, deep, and slow. Continue for 3 minutes.

2 | Sit on the heels. Place the fingertips of both hands on the Navel Point and press in. Lean forward and place the head on the ground; begin Breath of Fire. Continue for 3 minutes. Inhale and exhale completely applying Mool Bandh. Relax.

3 | Remain in the position from Exercise 2 and begin long, deep breathing. Inhale through the nostrils long and slow and then exhale with a Snake Breath, through the teeth with the tongue pressed against them to make a hissing noise. While exhaling, press in on the Navel Point with the fingertips and apply Mool Bandh. Continue 3 to 5 minutes and then begin long, deep, slow breathing through the nose for 3 minutes.

4 | Sit on the heels and lock the hands over the head for Sat Kriya. Interlace the fingers with the index fingers straight up and thumbs crossed. Begin to chant Sat Naam emphatically, in a constant rhythm of about eight times per ten seconds. Chant the sound Sat from the Navel Point and solar plexus and pull the umbilicus all the way in toward the spine.

5 | On Naam, relax the belly. Continue Sat Kriya for 3 minutes. Then inhale, exhale, and apply Mool Bandh. Meditate.

This is Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

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