Many people believe that Jesus was actually born at the Spring Equinox. Others, that he was conceived at that time. Either way, it’s during this time that he was resurrected, rebirthed. Whatever your belief system or religion, his story can inspire and encourage, if only as a parable.

Spring is when we awaken from our slumber, our hibernation. It’s when we begin anew, hatching from our slumber.

But beginnings require action. We can meditate all we want, but we don’t really learn about who we are until we jump in, until we engage. I write a lot about self-reflection and self-awareness, but the truth is that we learn as much about ourselves from rubbing up against the world, from our experiences as we do our pondering. Sometimes we just need to dive in and learn as we go.

Like the first card in the Major Arcana, the Tarot’s Fool Card ushers us to jump in, certain of the wisdom inherent in those willing to take risks, to venture forward, unaware of exactly where it is that they are going.

There is a prevailing and potentially damaging myth circulating that claims we all need to be experts, that we need to know everything before we start. But there’s an inherent paradox to this thinking. It’s ridiculous. How else are we to hone our expertise without experience under our belt, without falling down and getting up?

So I say fuck ‘em. Just start. Wherever we are—just start and go from there.

After all, it’s likely the feedback we fear the most. The truth is whatever the feedback is, it’s just information. We get to parse that information; we get to give it meaning or context. We get to choose. It’s simply grist for the mill. Nothing more and nothing less.

What’s been brewing this winter? Where are our souls calling us? What’s available for the taking?

Because, whatever it is, it’s calling you forward. It’s asking that you heed its lessons. This is eclipse season, so wouldn’t you rather take the reins by the hand and own your destiny than get thrown off the horse?

It’s not actually about the destination, anyway. It’s about being present, here and now, heart open to all that awaits us and willing, against all odds, to remain connected to the purity of the moment, regardless of outcome.

The great irony of life is that the fool has all the wisdom. In the end, we have the greatest expertise of all when we’re willing to take risks. We see the inherent falsehood of our fears and limiting beliefs. We see the eternal innocence within us. We rise above the fray and are reborn again and again. Kind of like Jesus.

Artwork by Michelle Favin of Whys LA for Poppy & Seed. Connect with her @whyslosangeles.

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