We have no control over when or how opportunity will arise. We may convince ourselves we do, but really it’s just our ego attempting to assert its power. The truth is all we can do is prepare.

Preparation is the essential ingredient because it allows us to receive whatever is coming our way with grace and ease. What does it matter if we’re manifesting left and right if we’re unable to navigate what comes our way? What’s the point?

This is why the energetic work is so crucial. It creates a whole other kind of magic. It’s so much more than attracting opportunities; it’s being in position to take advantage of them.

When we process our blocks, when we take ownership of our internal experience and lens, and when we are willing to excavate and make peace with the demons in our psyche, we are preparing, clearing the way for greater self-trust. We’re adding tools to our tool box.

What I have found is this: When we don’t lay the groundwork we aren’t equipped to handle it. We’re caught off guard.

Take, for example, my experience with manifesting friendships.

Sometime in my twenties I had a realization: My friendships were, for the most part, toxic. They exhausted me. I felt drained and unsupported. In the instances when someone kind and supportive entered my orbit, I pushed them away, unable to receive. I was less conscious of these kindnesses and far more invested in the unhealthy alliances. I wasn’t ready for healthy relationships. But why? Why was I thirsting after something that will never quench? I began to ask myself some questions:

  •      Why am I drawing these relationships in?
  •      How am I participating in this dynamic?
  •      What am I not getting, learning?

I had to take a brutally honest inventory of my relationships, the most crucial being the one with myself.

In other words, my friends weren’t the problem—or, I should say, the only culprit. The problem was me. No amount of networking or running away was going to solve it. I would only repeat my inner experience again and again.

How do we know it’s time to look at something? How do we know we’re the problem? The first clue is that we’re really triggered, beyond common annoyance. If we find ourselves emotional, disturbed, we know there is something unresolved within us, something to address.

I knew the condition of my unhealthy friendships had reached a boiling point when I experienced a horrifying breakup, and I had no one by my side. I had created a life of isolation and sorrow. I had only myself to blame.

So I set out to heal it. Then, as if by magic, I magnetized entirely new friendships, including new relationships with some friends I’d already had. These relationships are based on mutual admiration, love and respect because this time I was able to take it in. I was able to create intimacy, to show up honestly and authentically. That isn’t to say that there are no hiccoughs. There are, of course. We’re human. But now I have the tools to address the issues at hand, rather than stuffing them under the rug or running away.

Now, I employ this tactic in all areas of my life. By looking inside and addressing the underlying issue first, I am able to build my inner strength, resolve and trust. By being equipped to do my part, I am essentially making my own luck.

If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

Artwork by Michelle Favin of Whys LA for Poppy & Seed. Connect with her @whyslosangeles.

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