Sweet Almila. Holding space as daughter, sister and devout yogini. We are so grateful to connect with this beauty through the World Wide Web! Almila is a master community builder. You can find her thoughts on spirituality, holistic health, and healing on her wellness guide, Thirlby. We love seeing the world through her eyes and are inspired by her commitment to the environment and transforming our food system. Get to know more about Almila Kakinc below:

1 | Elena Brower: From virtual meditations and yoga practises to her tender truths, I will be ever grateful for this woman, human, mama always in all ways. Thank you, Elena. Her work, my medicine.

2 | Seaweeds: I will probably grow gills with the amount of seafood I already consume, but I have also been incorporating heaping dosages of seaweeds with strings or sprinklings of dulse, crushed laver, sheets of crunchy nori, and daily spoonfuls or spriulina or Sun Potion’s chlorella.

3 | John Berger: Although I studied medical anthropology and public health, my background also is in English literature and art history. I just slowly savoured his “And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos”—the poetry of that title!—and my favourite Christmas present of his new release “Portraits” sits on my bedside table for nighttime reads. His prose is like unwrapping candy: “from my shirt on the back of the chair / I learn tonight / how many years / of learning by heart / I waited for you.”

4 | Pine pollen: Another staple with which I have been joined at the [tongue], Sun Potion’s pine pollen is my current favourite offering to mix into mineral water with a squeeze or two of Omica’s stevia for elevated hydration.

5 | Homemade ferments: I have a new batch of fermented vegetable beverages going every month. I also love fermenting fruits from time to time, such as in my cultured apples recipe. I might just be growing a colony of new gut bacteria with the amount of turmeric ginger sauerkraut I have been eating.

6 | Matcha: I have never been a caffeine fiend, but perhaps with the weather or the mystery of the body, I am on a kick with matcha tea. I love the sustainably-sourced, woman-owned Mizuba Tea Company, which just also premiered a limited-edition matcha salt in collaboration with Jacobsen!

7 | Coconut butter: Everything graced with spoonfuls of coconut oil, grass-fed ghee, or most importantly coconut butter + topped with crushed Maldon salt—fat turns me on!

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