A sanctuary in the heart of Hollywood—can you imagine? Off busy Beverly Boulevard, near the Grove even, a hive buzzing with shopper energy and parking woes, lives The Now, an affordable luxury spa with a high desert vibe modeled after a Coqui-Coqui hotel in Tulum, Mexico.

The décor is enough to melt your stress away, white clean lines with hints of green cacti, succulents, raw driftwood, and natural tapestry. The aesthetic is just plain sexy, truly reminiscent of a getaway, if even a brief escape from the urban cacophonies of Los Angeles.

“We wanted to create an inspired space that calms you and provides relief the moment you walk through the door.”

Owners Erica Malbon and Gara Post founded The Now with primo intentions to increase accessibility to the wellness movement. The combination of spa services, a beautiful rendering of space, and extremely reasonable prices (rates starting at $35) is a business package bound for success.

“Our busy lives tend to make us neglect ourselves. The Now reminds you to take time for yourself. Be present. Check in with yourself in a beautiful space.”

Why not charge luxury prices for a luxury spa? Erica and Gara simply do not believe that only those in a high-income bracket should receive a positive experience physically, mentally, and visually. Pretty admirable in today’s greedy capitalistic society, which wellness entrepreneurs seem to fall into more often, when it’s difficult to find a fresh organic green juice for under $12.

They want as many people as possible to not only experience massage, but to upkeep this healthy habit, to relax consistently and find solace during the day.

“We constantly pound on our bodies. The body needs relief. We want to educate our community with the health benefits of massage. The energy connection between the therapist’s hands and the client. The sacred energy of touching the body.”

There are two options for space: the Journey Room is communal and the Moment Room is a more traditional private massage experience for all your pampering desires.

“We wanted to give options to those who can or can’t disconnect on a given day.”

My massage therapist, Danielle, literally relieved years of stress from my body. The bed heated, the lotion and oil buttering up my body, the soft undulations of waves breaking off the shore (from a speaker), along with her hands, soft and firm, attentive to my body. It was like she knew exactly what I needed, an intuitive touch, a reading of tension through the hands—a true healer.

They also provide a collagen infused eye mask (my bags are gone and skin still aglow), aromatherapy essential oils, and a special digestive care stomach massage as additional services.

I added the Amma (Mother) Body aroma to my experience—nurturing, soothing, uplifting with a blend of all natural sesame and sunflower oils, 100% pure essential sandalwood, palmarosa, and jasmine oils. Seriously, heaven.

Kudos to you, The Now, for keeping us relaxed and providing space to disconnect from distractions and reconnect to our bodies, to recharge our minds. With a philosophy that’s all about staying present and in the now through the vehicle of massage, what’s not to love about Erica and Gara’s brain child? Now it’s time to book another appointment, an extravagance I can gratefully experience every week.

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