One Roof Women: Redefining the term ‘Home Office’

02.23.2016 Uncategorized
Lindsey Engelhardt
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How many times do you have an idea, a really good idea, that you truly believe could blossom into a thriving business? Often, we are capable of dreaming up these seeds, but let them wither away because we’re unsure of what to do next. One Roof in Venice wholly exists to support these ideas, specifically within the female community, to help launch business dreams into realities. They provide a beautiful communal workspace and offer everything you need to focus, brainstorm, collaborate, learn, and get what you want.

One Roof Venice is dedicated to expanding the number of female-owned businesses by providing a beautiful, inspiring workspace with gardens galore and offering supportive services such as meditation, yoga, coaching, partner events, and educational workshops. One Roof wants nothing more than to help take ideas beyond inspiration to successful thriving businesses with women at the helms.


“Women do things differently than men. It’s about trusting your intuition and giving yourself permission to approach business in a way that feels authentic. One Roof creates a supportive environment where you can have open, honest conversation about what you don’t know and ask for help so we can connect you to the right resource. The only way we can grow and build successful businesses is by helping one another.”

Right on girls.

Gianna Wurzl and Sheree Rubinstein first decided to create One Roof simply because they needed more human connection in their lives and had both witnessed the positive influence that physical space and shared experience had on the way we connect.


“Over coffee one warm Melbourne morning we had our aha moment—let’s rent a stunning home on Airbnb and create THE hub where women can work, attend events, connect, and learn.”

The gals at One Roof know that it takes hard work to launch a business, but also don’t believe that working unhealthy hours with little sleep and poor eating habits will get you very far. Instead, One Roof believes in taking care of yourself as you venture on the path to entrepreneurship, so they provide nutritionists and therapists to help keep you healthy, happy, and sane.

“One Roof converts the most unique residential properties into shared workspace for women. We use homes because physical space influences creativity and the way we interact. Gardens are extremely important to the spaces we choose, half of our members work and take meetings outside. We strive to create comfortable, inspiring, clean, natural, well-lit spaces for women to thrive. Plus who wants to work in an office anymore?”


Agreed, one-hundred percent. How can we think up our most brilliant ideas in the visually uninspiring cubicle? Imagine what you could come up with brainstorming in a lush cacti garden with the sun on your skin, hummingbirds buzzing along with the vibrant, artistic community of Venice outside the gate.

One Roof is doing important things for women. Their dedication and integrity are enough to motivate and bring the female community together. The mantra: No matter how hard you work towards your dream, you must be kind to yourself. You don’t need to do this alone.

To inspire, to connect, to build off each other under one roof. Sign me up.


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