I once took my sister to a Kundalini Yoga class. After class, when I asked her what she thought, she said: “I’m inspired to wear more white, it’s chic.” Perhaps not the most profound revelation to have during an intense meditation, but true. If you live in Los Angeles you may have noticed that white is most definitely the new black and Kundalini chic is a thing.

Why wear white? Brides wear white, diamonds are white, doctors wear white, but why incorporate more white into your life? What does it mean?

In Kundalini the wearing of white is defined by Yogi Bhajan:

“We adopted this color because of our background and to support our development. We ask you to wear white so that you will reflect what is outside and go within yourself—that’s what white clothes can do for you.”

The symbolism and psychology of the color white is fairly intuitive. White is pure, clean, and neutral. White is a virgin color. It encourages the purification of thoughts and actions. White represents a blank canvas for new beginnings, a fresh and clear start. White doesn’t stimulate the senses in the same way that other colors do, so it leaves space for creativity and openness. The color white acts on the mind and body by contributing to mental clarity, and opens us to feelings of renewal. It aids in cleansing and removes obstacles and clutter. A clean and clear mind is a white mind. With white, there is nothing to get in the way.

White is a flawless color and a perfect balance of all colors in the spectrum. White represents both the negative and positive aspects of all colors. Because of its balance, white is an inherently positive color.

The completeness and purity of the color white represents just that—wholeness, openness, pure balance.

On a practical level wearing white requires intention and attention to detail. White clothes must be cared after more meticulously than other colors. Historically, the delicacy of white clothing made it only accessible to the wealthy. Wearing white or surrounding yourself with white can be beneficial during times when you are moving in a new direction in your life. White leaves open space for something new. We tend to gravitate towards white when we are preparing for new beginnings or seeking a new direction.

So we celebrate white this winter. Winter white. A time when the earth is cleansed by frost and snow. Purified by the season. A new year ahead of us, and a spring of new beginnings on the rise.

Wonderful Winter White.

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