In Venice, California one would think there are plenty of options for great yoga. There are, options. Though much of what you find here either makes you feel like you should turn into a competitive athlete or run off to an ashram.  Don’t get me wrong I love power yoga, Bikram yoga, or Kundalini yoga class as much as the next person – I have a competitive edge that enjoys the idea of taking things as far as they will go; but what keeps me going back to yoga is the feeling of a chill environment with people I relate to. Most of us seek a yoga class that is accessible, fits into our schedules, and makes us feel good about ourselves. This is what modern yoga should be. Right?

We are welcoming Love Yoga, Venice’s newest and coolest studio, with open arms. (And a squeal of delight!) The studio started as a pop up in Montauk that continues to reopen every summer. Luckily they decided to open their first year-round location here in Venice. Kyle Miller and Sian Gordon, the uber talented (and hot) duo behind Love Yoga, both honed their skills in the New York yoga scene. They’ve studied under some of the greatest current teachers- Sharon Gannon, David Life, Rodney Yee, Alan Finger-  just to name a few. The two have the right amount of industry cred and have curated a team of teachers that set the bar high. They decided to open a studio with a vibe ripe enough for the creative Venice community. People who might not drink green juice all the time, but who still want to take a great yoga class. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for.

“This is yoga for people who live a well adjusted life.”

Balanced yoga, for balanced people. And if you’re feeling out of balance, no doubt they will put you right back in line.

Their Venice studio offers multi-leveled classes for every type of student- New Love (Level 1), Love Flow (Level 2 ) and Tough Love (Level 3). Most of their classes are 1-hour or only a touch more. The times are friendly- with a variety of classes every 2-3 hours 7 days a week. No excuses not to make it.

The studio design is next level. The floor and walls are painted the perfect shade of turquoise- instantly elevating your vibe. It’s literally the perfect color. They feature All for the Mountain’s trippy cool artwork on the walls. The space is abundant and vibrant with a clean, simple look. We LOVE it. (No pun intended) We firmly believe that great design makes you feel better, and at the very least, makes you more motivated to show up for class.

“Yoga doesn’t have to be curry flavored.”…or so to speak…and that’s why we’ll keep coming back.

From now until the end of March 2016, Poppy & Seed readers will receive 15% off their next purchase at Love Yoga. Enjoy!

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