When you live in Los Angeles, there is absolutely no shortage of restaurants or healthy eating options. I can literally walk out my front door and get a green juice, chia pudding, vegan + gluten-free French toast, tonic, buttery brew, the list goes on—you name the dietary inclination and you can find it.

That doesn’t mean there’s not room for more. Despite all of the choices, not many places have something for everyone under the same roof. What if you want vegan, but your lunch date wants grass-fed beef? Or some wild salmon with macrobiotic flare? All under the premise that everything you eat is of the highest quality, free of gluten, dairy, and most other food allergens. This is Kye’s expertise.

Kye’s has a rare stand alone integrity. Their concept is unique without trying too hard. The flavors are familiar and delicious. They aren’t knocking off traditional dishes or attempting to convince you that a raw vegan cheeseburger tastes anything like the real thing. They state it best: “Kye’s is at the heart of a conscious food movement that makes eating happy, healthy and easy.” And really really good.

The owner, Jeanne, has a calm to her that shows she takes this seriously, she’s not in it for fads, and she knows what she’s talking about. She studied the mind-body connection, health, healing, and meditation for more than 30 years, and Jeanne has earned degrees in Molecular Biology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Spiritual Psychology. Through her work, Jeanne has realized that one of the best ways to pursue health and happiness is through food—Kye’s is the perfect manifestation of it all.

She does know what she’s talking about.

Inspired by the delicious meals and superfood nutrition she was crafting for her son, the Kyrito is their signature dish and it’s seriously one of the best (if not the best) lunches in town. Sushi hand roll meets burrito, without any limitations as to what’s inside. My favorite is the Vegan Nahm Jim, which is a six organic vegetable mix, plus herbs, lotus root, avocado, macadamia nuts, hemp seeds, and rice blend. The Macro has been the usual favorite of my company, seared wild salmon, pressed vegetables, lotus root, and wasabi dressing. Amazing. Even the Nori Burger and Chicken Curry bring out the carnivore in us. The Ayurvedic One a Day is the ultimate green smoothie + soup hybrid made with organic blanched greens, soaked cashew, and coconut oil. Top it all off with a vegan black bean brownie or a chocolate chip cookie made with ghee (both gluten-free) and we’re left feeling perfectly full and impressed with how well Kye’s gets it.

Stepping into the restaurant game as a first timer is no easy task. To create something that fills a void in the market, but has mass appeal and almost flawless execution is even harder. They’ve done that.

We have a feeling that Santa Monica isn’t the only place you’ll be seeing the Kyrito.  

And now, we’re super hungry for lunch!

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